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The impact of human activities on the environment has moved beyond the mainstream. It has come to a point where we are putting a dominant influence on our eco-system. With the increase in concerns about the well-being of the environment, the businesses as well as the consumers are trying to find out the ways to minimize the impact. Plastic packaging is gradually being replaced with eco-friendly boxes to reduce global waste. This has created a hype of sustainable product marketing, making hundreds of businesses to switch to eco-friendly practices.  

Why Switching to Sustainable Packaging has become Necessary for Businesses?

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Switching to eco-friendly practices is not only a hype that gains momentum and then vanishes with time. It's a long-term approach providing a series of benefits to the business. Although investing in eco-friendly packaging ideas may require an initial investment or operational change, but the results are well appreciating. Even the consumers are becoming more conscious about what effect their products are having on the environment. This has created even more hype for the businesses to make a good effort in this regard. Partly in response to customer's expectations, partly because of their sense of responsibility towards the environment and partly due to economical benefits, the manufacturers are moving towards sustainable practices. They have realized that using eco-friendly packaging materials can reduce the impact of their activities and attract consumers more. 

Sustainable Product Marketing

Sustainable Marketing is the practice to promote a business based on its contribution to environmental sustainability. Nowadays, it is becoming more important for people to go for businesses that use sustainable practices. A professional business model is not only based on delivering a good product/service or excellent customer service, but it also reflects your level of ethical awareness and actions in this regard. 
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Similarly, there are hundreds of eco-friendly packaging examples you may consider. Food packaging waste is major concern around the globe. Sustainable brands should not only market the use of eco-friendly packaging for food rather implement it completed to reduce waste. It is the reason that sustainable product marketing is not enough unless it is capable of justifying its true meaning. According to Harvard Business Review, almost 50% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) growth was from sustainability-marketed products from the year 2013 to 2018. It was also concluded that the percentage of consumers opting for eco-friendly packaging wholesale is going up year by year. 

Green Marketing Strategies

• Honesty is Key:

Along with the Go Green Revolution, the desire for businesses to become sustainable without making tactical changes is at its peak. As a result, there is a bright chance for untrue and misleading claims. In such a situation honesty is the key. You should be transparent and honest in what you confess in front of the public. While claiming that your business uses eco-friendly boxes wholesale can positively impact sales and repute, it can also reverse the effects if your claim is untrue.

• Show Proof:

You are several ways to prove your business's authenticity by providing authentic proof. For example:
  1. Disclose maximum information on your website
  2. Discuss your sustainable practices through blogs, and social media marketing.
  3. Rather than covering up the negative information by giving wrong excuses, address it with humility.
  4. Use helpful infographics
  5. Prove your words by providing videos
  6. Provide statistics

• Encourage Consumers:

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Another effective way to build public trust in your business's green practices is to encourage consumers to go green as well. If your business has specialized in eco-friendly shipping packaging, design it in a way that motivates the customers to play their part in the initiative. For example, you may include a colorful note inside your eco-friendly shipping boxes that how to recycle them properly. The buyers will feel pleased that they have done a good deed by following your directions. 
Sustainability has created hype industry-wide. It has motivated the consumers as well as the businesses to go for eco-friendly packaging practices to save the planet. 
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