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Custom boxes and packaging is an important feature for keeping the food item and other delicate goods safe for shipping purposes and for increasing sale of these items. Companies which are making custom boxes and packaging materials use to choose the material which is best and non toxic. A main article in the making of boxes is paper. Paper is not regular paper but it is card paper. Almost six layers of card paper are used for making a standard box. The inner most layer for packing food items are made of very thin layer of aluminum. This layer is used to keep the food particles preserved for longer period and it does not allow the process of diffusion of liquids. Diffusion means liquid particles keep on moving through pores of a rough surface like paper.

Cereal boxes

Custom cereal boxes are made in different ways for different companies. The outer most layer of a packaging box is made with a printed paper. This paper is having information about the company and food value of the eatable packed in the box. The boxes are made with the same technique but their size and shape is different and is depend upon the size of the product and on the package for that food.

Boxes for packing perfumes

Perfumes are packed in bottles and these bottles are mostly made of glass. As glass is delicate and can be break down during shipping. For keeping these bottles safe and for looking in good conditions they should be packed in some boxes. All over the world custom perfume boxes are used for making the packaging of perfumes better. This packaging of the perfume bottles keep them safe during the process of shipping. Another advantage of packaging is that it becomes easy for loading and unloading these items.

Interesting shape of packing boxes

Custom gable boxes are one of the best and good looking shapes of the boxes. These boxes are fund in a triangular shape attached with a flat one. Interesting shapes of these boxes are greatly affecting the sale of the products.

Custom Boxes


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