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5 mistakes retailers have done in packaging industry till now

Mistakes are a part of every industry’s growth and improvement. After failing a handful of times while creating a retail packaging box, companies have learned what not to do.
The common mistakes that are made by the front-runners of any industry become a guideline for the later ones. Multiple failures and challenges later, the first correct retail packaging box came into existence. These mistakes cost some people their good night sleep and others their job. We owe the knowledge bestowed on the packaging industry to these pioneers. A handful of these mistakes should be on the fingertips of every emerging industry. By minding these pointers, entrepreneurs can step in the right direction in the field of packaging. A list has been created here for the enlightenment of the industrialist and success of packaging.

Ambiguous printing

Shopping is not secure at times. While buying things that you do not have any idea about can be a tough task. This is where packaging plays a significant part. Before the introduction of retail packaging box, no proper wrappings were used to sell the items. It made it easier for people to have a direct look at the product. Anything that is not liked by the person can be seen from the outside. As many companies make similar products, without packaging their comparison was stress-free. People could pick up the required merchandise without any hassle. But this changed with the invention of the concept of wrapping.
ambiguous printed wrappings
Custom retail box packaging was made with prints that were ambiguous for the new buyers. They were not well informed from the outside covering of the item. Along with the product details, the pictures used on the surface was also misleading at times. It led to many unfortunate buying incidents. It was disastrous at first, but then specific changes were made as industrialists started to understand the root of the issue.
misleading packaging

Turning a blind eye to climate

The environment has always been a part of everyone’s concerns. It was totally disregarded at the beginning of the packaging era. The retail box packaging design was not considered to have such a huge impact on the environment. But eventually, it did. All the water bodies gradually started getting polluted with plastic and other faulty packaging materials. This overuse of boxes and cartons created a rift in the climate and started a big change. That change is witnessed until the day, and there are measures taken to control it.
environmental friendly boxes
Retail packaging telescoping box and other styles of packages are created in bulk amount. Different carton designs were created for multiple products. With no proper recycling system, in the beginning, the litter was rushed towards the streets and canals. This created a lot of distress in the environment, and living beings started to suffer. This issue was later controlled to a minimum by proper sewerage and disposal systems. Environmentalists and world leaders started spreading the motto of going Green. This was picked by the production houses, and they started accepting it in their system.
telescoping boxes for retail packaging

Overuse of material

Unnecessary use of material to create a box caused a lot of waste. Many new companies liked the idea of retailing their products inside the boxes. With the increase in usage, the litter quantity increased over time. No proper designer help or experience was available for the companies to take help from. They eventually adopted the hit and run strategy. They started picking up points from their failed designs to make the next one better. The custom boxes created as a result were sleek in design with no extra material being latched to it.
overuse material for boxes
The implementation of extra material not only resulted in a mess or litter, but it also caused other issues as well. The cost of production was very high due to this point. Companies spend extra cash for the material that played no significant part in the working of the package. Furthermore, the custom shipping boxes charged a lot of money for their traveling. The main reason behind this was the huge sizes of these boxes. Designers and experts studied these issues and brought the required changes. At last, well-designed custom printed boxes were created for market use.
custom printed boxes

How to open?

A common man might need a product at any given time of their life. They do not always carry the right tools to open the packaging. There are certain custom cardboard boxes and plastic wrappings that need a set of scissors to open them up. It is not a common practice for people to have a scissor with them all the time. This called for them to either buy one or figure out any alternate way.
The use of hard material was usually used in the making of custom gift boxes. This was to protect the fragile items on the inside. The integrity of the item is always the priority of the packaging. That is the reason that the cartons of small electronic items and eatables it made with care and protection. Mostly good quality cardboard boxes are used nowadays to prevent this from happening.
how to open boxes

Mislabeled surfaces

In the beginning, the retailers had no idea about how to approach the customers. There were no guidelines to let them know about the right steps that should be taken. Gaining a client’s trust and attention was very difficult to even with custom packaging boxes. With the attempt of being too funny or too serious, the original charm of the product dies in-between. As a result, the name of the brand loses its repute in the industry.
By having wrongly printed packaging boxes, a lot of consumer-related issues can also arise. If the box doesn’t entertain the consumer with the complete details about the product, it might end up hurting the consumer’s health or endanger their life.
mislabeled surfaces in retail packaging boxes

Lessons Learnt

The packaging industry has figured out what to do and when to do it. By figuring out the mistakes of the past, a company can create a better retail packaging box. This box can be good for both the retailer and the purchaser.
custom retail packaging

Mistakes are a part of every industry’s growth and improvement. After failing a handful of times while creating a retail packaging box, companies have learned what not to do.

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