Recycling Home Depot Cardboard Boxes Into Customizable Cardboard Crafts

By: theresa burns Posted On: Apr-28-2023 
home depot cardboard boxes

If you’ve ever been to Home Depot, then you know that they have a tonne of boxes lying around. And if you’re like us, you probably don’t know what to do with them! We’ll show you how to recycle your Home Depot boxes into customizable cardboard crafts that are perfect for any room in your house. All you need are a few supplies, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have a beautiful new piece of furniture or decoration that you can be proud to showcase. So get ready to recycle some Home Depot boxes!

How to make Home Depot cardboard boxes

Making cardboard crafts from recycled home depot cardboard boxes is a fun, easy way to use up extra cardboard and create some unique and colourful creations. All you need are some basic tools and a little patience.

To start, cut the top and bottom off of the box, then cut along the sides so that the box is in half. You can now discard the lid and sides of the box.

Next, use a C-clamp to clamp one end of a piece of cardboard to the workbench. Working from one end of the board to the other, slowly peel away the paper backing until you reach the bare cardboard. Repeat with the other end of the board.

Now let's start shaping 1 pieces! Use your hands to form crude shapes out of your cardboard pieces, then paint or write on them using a permanent marker or crayon. Be creative—think about what character or scene you want to create and go for it!

When your painting or writing is done, transfer your designs onto another piece of cardboard by carefully pressing down on them with a pencil tip while holding onto the original piece. When both cards are covered, remove both cards from the clamps, and voila! You have yourself a customizable cardboard craft!

What You'll Need

  • A Home Depot box
  • Paint or a sealant
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • Pamphlet of construction adhesive
  • Craft wire (or thick string)
  • ruler or a straight edge
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard craft templates (optional)

1. If your box is damaged, cut off the top and bottom to create a rectangle that is at least 6 inches wide by 8 inches long. Lay the rectangle on its side so that one short end is facing up. Take the x-acto knife and make 1/2-inch cuts all around the outside of the box. These cuts will create vents for paint or sealant to seep out while you are painting or sealing it.

2. Once the outside of your box is sealed and painted, flip it over so that the now open end faces down and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out this traced circle using scissors, being very careful not to cut into the paint job on the outside of your box.

3. Open up your new cardboard craft template and trace around it onto one side of your newly cut cardboard circle. Cut out the template using scissors, then use it as a guide to cut out another cardboard circle exactly like it but smaller in size (this smaller cardboard circle will become your base). Glue these two circles together using construction adhesive, making sure that they are held firmly in place by the painter.

How to Recycle Home Depot Boxes into Crafts

If you have a lot of boxes that you no longer need, why not turn them into crafts? Rather than just letting them go to waste, recycle the boxes into DIY crafts that can be used and enjoyed. Here are five easy ways to recycle Home Depot boxes into crafts:

  1. Recycle cardboard to make a Christmas tree ornament. Cut the top and bottom off of a recycled box, then cut it in half widthwise. Glue the two halves together like a puzzle, then cut out a triangular piece to create the ornament's base. Add ornaments to the top of the tree as decorations.
  2. Make a picture frame from recycled cardboard boxes. Cut an empty box in half along its length, then remove the front and back panels. Glue these panels together along one side, then add a photo or other decoration to the front panel. Create similar frames for all your friends and family!
  3. Make a colourful jar rack from recycled cardboard boxes. Cut six equal pieces out of a recycled box and stack them on top of each other like pancakes. Use super glue to attach (or another method if desired).Then paint or decorate as desired!
  4. Make an easy origami crane from recycled cardboard boxes. Bend one end of each box into an "A" shape, then open up each "A" so that they form flaps—like wings—on either side of the crane bodyt they form flaps—like wings—on either side of the crane body. Crease

Tips for Recycling Home Depot Cardboard Boxes

In order to recycle home depot cardboard boxes into customised cardboard crafts, follow these tips:

  1. Remove the packing material and any stickers from the box.
  2. Cut the box into equal pieces with a sharp knife or a cutting board.
  3. Use an X-Acto knife to cut neat circles out of each piece of cardboard. Be sure to leave a 1/4-inch border around each circle.
  4. Use a glue gun or some other type of adhesive to attach each circle to the centre of a piece of paper towel or some other sturdy object. This will become your template for creating your craft.

Which Home Depot Boxes Should You Use?

There are a few things to keep in mind when recycling Home Depot boxes into customizable cardboard crafts. The first is to make sure the box is of sufficient size and shape to accommodate your project. Second, be sure to break down all the packaging materials into small enough pieces so that they can be easily moulded into the desired shape. And finally, choose a decorative or functional design for your project that will fit with its intended use.

Here are a few ideas for recycling Home Depot boxes into customised cardboard crafts:

1. Customizable photo frames: Cut out a picture frame template from an old Home Depot box and trace it onto the cardboard. Cut out the template using a sharp knife, then use a craft stick or dowel to fix it into place on the cardboard frame. Glue on pictures of your favourite people or family members using contact paper adhesive or craft glue.

2. Customizable planners: Cut out hours, days, weeks, and months from an old Home Depot box and trace them onto cardstock paper. Cut out each piece of cardstock using a sharp knife, then use adhesive dots to affix them together to create a personalised planner. Add tabs at the top and bottom of each month to store your calendar items (such as appointments and reminders).

3. Customizable storage containers: trace around the circumference of an empty Home Depot box onto cardstock paper, then cut out the circles using a sharp knife and crafting pincers. Use duct tape or

home depot cardboard boxes

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