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By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-20-2023 
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Custom boxes are just another retail packaging solution. That is how many retailers view these unique packaging options. However, when you look at them in detail, you know they are a complex subject. If you create, design, and buy these packages, you already know the variables and their impact on your business productivity. The packages' overall pricing is affected by many different factors. For instance, the materials, their strength, and overall weight highly affect the packaging costs. Similarly, the custom options, personalization, and printing affects you select in the box design process also have a say in the overall cost. This article explains how you can get personalized custom packages at inexpensive and economical rates.

Material optimization for custom boxes:

Without any doubt, materials are the major component of the overall cost of the custom packages. The best material options for the packaging boxes are usually cardboard variants, namely corrugated cardboard, bux board, etc. Similarly, Kraft stock also gets excessively used in its processing. Just like these materials vary in properties, their cost also varies from one another. So, work with a packaging designer to understand your exact packaging needs. Knowing whether you need tough and sturdy packages or packaging with average durability would serve the purpose. Then, select a specific material grade that best suits your product protection requirements. Apart from that, you also need to reduce the material you use to process packages. This will decrease your overall spending on creating an effective packaging design.

Go for custom-sized packaging:

Retail brands often face the problem of sourcing custom packages quickly. As a result, they mostly opt for a standard-size box to meet their product packaging requirements to overcome this issue. This retail packaging is undoubtedly readily available in the market, saving you time. But, you need to understand that it is not a financially viable option, especially in the longer run.

The probability is relatively high that the standard boxes you are getting are more significant than the original product dimensions by a fair margin. As a result, they would take up more space during the delivery process and, simultaneously, weigh more. This increases the overall expenses of your business on shipping matters, negatively affecting your business productivity. So, the best approach that suits you here is to measure the dimensions of your items meant for packaging first. And then, select the custom-sized packaging solutions that best suit your needs.

Minimum use of void fills:

Selecting the standard box designs does not stop there. If you are going for larger packages, you would likely need to use void fills. Otherwise, the overall security of your retail items may be at high risk. Void fills are usually expensive; thus, they become another cost your business has to bear. So, it is a terrible idea to go for standard packaging options and rule out the option of customization and personalization. Apart from being financially unviable, using void fills also proves terrible for your brand's overall reputation. They cause environmental pollution, increasing your retail business’s overall carbon footprint. The customers keep a close eye on the corporate social responsibility of a brand. So, they can eliminate your chances to cast a favorable impression on the target audience.

Weight reduction of custom boxes:

When you make product shipments, you need to pay some shipping charges based on the overall weight of the products. So, to save a handsome amount of money here, it is vital to lower the overall weight of the custom packages. This way, they would not add to the total weight of your items, which decides the net transportation costs. So, instead of going for thick cardboard packages, prefer thin sheets of this material. Lesser packaging weight means more savings on the final delivery of your products. This is because the fuel consumed by the transporting vehicles is significantly less with these packaging solutions.

Advanced printing options:

Printing is essential for personalized custom product packages as it exclusively transforms the latters’ look. Like any other custom option, the printing of the boxes also comes at a price. However, there are always ways that you can utilize to curtail printing costs by a significantly fair margin. The first thing to do in this aspect is to prefer advanced printing options over traditional ones. Traditional printing techniques are time-consuming and cost a lot.

On the other hand, state-of-the-art techniques like offset, digital, and silkscreen printing do not strain your pocket. According to an estimate, employing these techniques in the box design process increase your overall packaging cost by only 4 to 5 per cent. Before any printing options, consider whether you want to print a single box or in bulk.

Avoid what’s not needed:

In the packaging design process, a rule of thumb is eliminating all unnecessary elements. Firstly, list the design elements that must go in your packages. After making this list, stick with it and do not go for extra embellishments and add-ons. The extras may not prove helpful, but they will surely increase your packaging costs by a fair margin. A minimalistic design approach pledges to bring far better customer attraction results and save total money.

Put, if you want to achieve maximum business productivity, then you have no choice but to reduce the overall costs of custom boxes. If you are a newbie in box designing, you may think it is impossible at the start. This is because all the custom options, printing effects, finishing choices, add-ons, and personalization come at a price. But, once you know the basics, it becomes a relatively easy and exciting process. Furthermore, the costs saved in the packaging design process help you expand your business reach by earning maximum net profits.

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