Patriotic Gift Ideas for Independence Day

By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-19-2023 
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Independence Day is one of the country's most awaited holidays. It is celebrated with great pleasure and enthusiasm. People decorate their houses with red, white and blue colors to give an attribute to their country. These patriotic decorations add to the festivity of the event. Everyone has planned a number of things for the day. Some of them hoist outdoor parties, friends get together or backyard BBQ to have a fun time.  Some love to visit historical places to remember the old times. Kids also join hand with elders in celebrating the day. Independence Day is incomplete without presenting gifts to your loved ones.  Below are some of the interesting patriotic packaging ideas for Independence Day gifts:

•Patriotic Paper Wrap with a Bow:

It is one of the most commonly used packaging ideas for wrapping Independence Day gifts. Take any gift paper having a white base with a pattern in red or blue. You may go for strips, dots or a random print whatever you like. Cover the gift with it neatly. To finish it create a large bow out of curling strips of Breaker wraps. Just cut a number of strips from paper. Use a scissor to curl the strips. Join them from the center and place them over the gift boxes. You can't even imagine how beautiful it looks.

•Cloth Wrap:

Instead of using custom boxes, an interesting idea is to wrap the gifts by using a fabric. It is an extremely easy craft, especially for handmade gifts. It adds a patriotic touch to gift wrapping. All you have to do is to use a cloth with patterns made in red or blue. If you can't find such a fabric, do not worry. Take a white handkerchief and paint it in red and blue. Draw a striped pattern, dots or whatever you like. You can also make stars from these colors. Sprinkle some glitter over the paints to make it more decorative. Let it dry. Wrap your presents in a cloth wrap and tie a knot at the top. This innovative idea is perfect enough to surprise everyone.

•DIY Cookie Gift Basket:

Independence Day is often celebrated with homemade baked items like cookies. People love to send them to each other's home as a symbol of love and remembrance. You can make it more exciting by packaging them in a patriotic way. Take any of the old custom product boxes. It's your choice whether you want to create a gift basket with or without a lid. Cover it with a blue or red color gift wrap. You may use plain paper or the one with some pattern. If you go for a plain paper wrap, there are a number of options to decorate it. Use a white marker to make dots, strips or stars on it. You may also write a custom message to wish Independence Day to the recipient. To enhance the festivity of event, prepare the cookies in the same color or make the filled with red or blue frosting. Punch holes on both the sides of the basket and pass a red ribbon through it to make them easy to carry.

•3D Red and Blue Treat Box:

The project is specially designed for Independence Day celebrations. It a 3D box with a window display designed to place cookies, chocolates and various small gifts inside it. The gift packaging is easy to create. All you need is one of the used custom boxes. If it has box printing on it, does not matter. We will cover the box to hide its contents. First of all wrap the base of the box with a blue sheet. Use a strong adhesive to fix it from ends. Trim off the extra paper. Now take a red glittery sheet and cover the lid of the box with it. Cut out the section for the window. Fix a transparent sheet there. You need to make some shiny starts from silver sheet. This adds a brightening effect to your gift box. For customizing it, make a "Happy 4" die-cut and place it on the window. You may also use ribbons all around the box to make a bow.

•Confetti Style Gift Wrapping:

If you are looking to add fun and festivity to your Independence Day celebration, this Confetti style is perfect for your gift wrapping. Gift packaging looks great especially when glitter sparkles over the symbolic colors. Use a scrapbook paper to wrap the gift boxes. They are available in different colors and designs. Choose a combination of red, blue and white patterns. Use the contrasting ribbons of the top of each box. Either tie a bow out of it or make little red shimmery pom-poms and attach them onto the ribbon. You may cut out stars in different colors and attach them one over the other. Another interesting idea is to create DIY sparkler toppers. You need lollipop sticks and some more pom-poms for it. Layer some stars at the bottom and place the sparkler topper in them. Such gift packaging definitely adds to your mood on Independence Day celebrations.

All you need is one of the used custom boxes. If it has box printing on it, does not matter. We will cover the box to hide its contents. First of all wrap the base of the box with a blue sheet. Use a strong adhesive to fix it from ends. Trim off the extra paper. First of all wrap the base of the box with a blue sheet. Use a strong adhesive to fix it from the ends. Trim off the extra paper.The gifts are packed in a patriotic way in custom boxes. The boxes are designed in red, blue and white colors to keep the festivity in mind. If you go for ready-made gift boxes, the packaging printing plays an important role in enhancing the look of your package.

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