Nanotechnology and Potential Avenues For Digital PrintingPosted On: May-28-2018  By: Karry


Over the years, rapid and progressive changes in technology have revolutionized our world. Nanotechnology is the most diversified form of this up gradation that is used in a variety of products including textiles, fuels, medicines, cosmetics and printing. The variations that have resulted as a result of continuous research in nanotechnology have made it very prolific and multipurpose form of expertise for printing. It has worked wonders and now we can print flyers, brochures, newspapers and every printing product with much dexterity. Nanotechnology is a cost effective and competent source to print a lot of business enhancing products. Sol gel inks can remove the impurities to a larger extent it allows the prints to be free of errors; hence this technology has reduced the costs because you don’t have to print again and again to eliminate errors. The basic element involved in this technique is nano ink colorant which contains pigment particles (tens of nano meters in size) permitting image perfection and light resistance. Nanotechnology evolved with the constant efforts of experts of ink. Resolvedly, the makers of dyes, pigments and inks will decide the future of printing techniques. The most innovative feature of this printing is that they work by a huge touch screen which resembles a giant iPad. Many macro businesses are employing nanotechnology to boost the progress in printing procedures because the research associated to use nanotechnology effectively requires a hefty amount.

Once this technology gets commendation, it will be a sparkling opportunity for the small ink manufacturers and printers to generate huge revenue through it. The most striking feature of nanography is that it is a swift process and can be printed on any substrate. Due to its diversification, this technique will hold an eminent position between digital and offset printing. Amongst the most acknowledged form of digital printing nanography can be used for customized printing products. This technique uses lesser ink as compared to other techniques and has a remarkable impression.

The widely applauded digital printing techniques include laser and ink jet printing. These forms of printing eliminate the errors which are plausible in offset printing. These printing processes take place without plates. An image is printed directly through the printers using PDF files, hence heck of time and money are saved by these techniques.

All the splendid techniques of digital printing have opened new avenues for the advertisers and printers to devise marketing campaigns in a cost effective and effectual manner. The nanotechnology has enabled to print everything from flyers to brochures in a cost effective and susceptible manner. People feel inclined towards a striking printed product. They tend to find out a brand whose printing products are amazingly attractive and appealing. The day is not far when nanotechnology will transform the printing industry in to an alluring business.


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