Make Your Packaging Look like a Gift with Custom Boxes

By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-20-2023 
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Gifts are a source of pleasure. They show your love and care towards someone. Nothing is more delightful than receiving your product's packaging, which looks like a gift. Custom packaging boxes wholesale are a great way to enhance their attractiveness. They leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the customers.

Furthermore, custom boxes make your products more presentable. Therefore, realizing the importance of gift packaging, several brands have started using custom gift boxes to pack their products. They are an effective way to show the professionalism of your brand. The boxes can come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The addition of fascinating patterns and artistic artwork adds to their appeal. Hence, below are some ways to make your packaging look like gifts with custom boxes.

Get custom packaging boxes wholesale in attractive color schemes:

Color plays a vital role in making your packaging look like a gift. Designing custom printed boxes in attractive color schemes influences customer purchase behavior. Many brands might have used fascinating gift boxes to pack their products. Especially the one used for subscriptions is designed attractively to retain many customers. Hence, box printing plays a vital role in this regard. It helps you design the packaging in a minimalistic style or by using a splash of colors, whatever you like.

Different colors affect the psyche of customers in different ways. For example, red, yellow, and orange colors arouse hunger. It is why most food packaging comes in these colors to tempt the customers. Black and blue colors are necessary to show professionalism. The custom boxes for kids' products come in multiple colors to attract them as far as possible. Therefore, packaging printing provides advanced techniques like CMYK and full-color digital printing to design custom gift boxes. Hence, you can choose from various designs, patterns, and images to make them more attractive.

Design Differently for Various Occasions:

One of the best tactics to give a modern look to your product packaging is to consider different occasions while printing them. Then, you can create specialized boxes according to the occasion. The modern trend of custom packaging is not limited to a particular type of box. Instead, the manufacturers work on different design options to make the packaging look like a gift. This tactic is beneficial on occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Valentine's. Customers often get bored with specific packaging. Providing them something according to the nature of the occasion delights them.

You can create custom printed boxes in particular themes. For example, if it's Christmas, design the boxes in green, white, and red, having images of trees, snow, Santa Clauses, and jingle bells. You may also print labels wishing "Merry Christmas" to the customers. In addition, most manufacturers provide custom boxes for special events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or baby showers, etc. They may have the shape of favor boxes or gable boxes according to the nature of the event. Custom boxes for the gift are also perfect for formal parties and corporate gatherings.

Design Custom Gift Boxes with Logo:

Sometimes a simple logo is effective enough to make your custom boxes look like gifts. Creating a box with a lid and introducing the brand's logo on the top is a great way to attract customers. Most famous brands use this tactic to present their products versatility. Box printing plays a significant role in increasing the attractiveness of your packaging. Technological advancements make it easy to create a logo with full-color digital printing. Different die-cut patterns can be present on a box to make it aesthetically appealing. Printing custom boxes with the logo drives sales and makes your brand recognizable to a vast audience. It is also a great way to show your professionalism and creativity. Hence, it would help if you took advantage of this trick to increase the charm of your boxes.

Use Ribbons, Windows, and other Add-on Options:

If you want your packaging to look like a gift to the customers:

  1. Work on the box's design.
  2. Design them externally to leave a memorable impression.
  3. Use various add-on options like ribbons, windows, and handles. You may find printed tapes or printed ribbons.

They may contain printed content according to the occasion, such as Christmas, Easter, or others. You can decorate the boxes with bows, floral arrangements, wishing tags, or thank you notes to make them more inspiring for the customer. Such tactics are advantageous during the festive season. Working on the internal design of the box is also necessary as far as your custom gift boxes are concerned. Use inserts to display the product's parts separately. Creating window panes or die-cut patterns on custom printed boxes is an excellent way to generate positive word of mouth.

Create a Wonderful Unboxing Experience:

Most well-known brands are famous for their memorable unboxing experience. They design the custom boxes so that the package is not less than a gift for the customer. The brands invest in internal design to provide a great experience as the user opens the box. Packaging printing is helpful in this regard. Some of the ways include coloring or printing the box internally. Enclose the products in a tissue wrap. Use a branded sticker to enclose it. If required, you may use support cushions, inserts, shipping peanuts, or other packaging material. Placing a little gift/sample or a discounted voucher along with the main product is an excellent way to retain the customers' interest. Such tactics do not cost much but help make your packaging look like a gift.

Placing a tiny gift/sample or a discounted voucher along with the main product is an excellent way to retain the customers' interest. However, do you know what matters when you are going to select packaging for gift items? The most important thing is the visual appeal of these boxes. We have explained several ways to make your custom packaging boxes wholesale look like a gift. You may implement these ways to increase the visual charm of these boxes.

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