Liquid or Dry Healthy Packaging With StylePosted On: Apr-11-2018  By: Alexis

Liquid and other dry edibles are widely packed in gable boxes to preserve their quality and health giving capacity. Gable packaging was first introduced for pasteurized milk but with the passage of time, due to the ease and excellence it offers, it has been introduced for dry product packaging too. 100% biodegradable material with eco-friendly qualities keeps your juices, creams and yogurt safe and healthful and maintains its taste and flavor.

Liquid products such as milk, juices, creams, yogurt and other dry edibles such snacks, nuts and ice creams are sensitive products which demand extreme care from heat, moisture and other environmental factors. Even the smallest penetration of microbes or germs may spoil these products, affection their quality and taste. So, it is mandatory that you use the most customized packaging option for every product you make. You can extensive care in production of healthy products and how can you ignore the packaging which has the greater effect over product in the longer run. That’s why; .au has come up with excellent packaging options that don’t even guarantee you germ free products but also taste and health. Gable packages have folds onto the top which look like gable ends of a house. These folds are free of pins or staples, giving you the most natural package for the most natural and pure taste.

Gable packages are popular because they have fitments onto the top which help in pouring of the liquid. So you don’t need to worry about spillage and spoiling. We make the product usage easy for you, giving you the most comfortable options. All necessary instruction regarding the food and ingredients are pasted onto the box. Company name and logo are printed onto the box giving your brand the most interesting outlook and standing in the consumer market. Expiry dates and other details are mentioned boldly because we care for you and your health.

HD printing services with customized designing options bloom the heart. Your product in fact looks an eye candy. We at .au increase its visibility giving it more style and artistic attire. The boxes we provide for packaging not only make the product easy to handle and transport but also keep it safe from germs. Special protective layers are set inside the boxes which seal the odor, color and quality of the liquid for you. We make it possible for you to experience long lasting quality in liquid and dry products protecting their quality, flavor, odor and freshness in our boxes. So now don’t worry regarding liquids being spoiled in the packages. It is our responsibility to provide you with the most fresh and healthy products whether its milk, cream, juice or other things, in the packages which are safe and protected.

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