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Modern, flexible packaging equipment makes automated liquid packing simple. It is quick and clean for sauces, thick creams, gels, and even water. You have to know about different types of boxes to package liquid products. We know that handling liquid products is a difficult task. You have to be more careful to ensure their safe delivery to buyers. Thus, you can rely on specialized liquid packaging to keep them safe. The following are some important things that you should consider. They can help to create the best packaging for liquids.

Characteristics of liquid packaging

  • Viscosity is the name of the game in liquid packaging.

The resistance of a fluid to flowing is measured by its viscosity. It's a measurement of the "thickness" of the liquid product in more colloquial language. It talks about a fluid's internal friction. Because of the high internal friction, a liquid will have a higher viscosity. It is due to its molecular structure. For example, molasses or icing resist motion. It is less effortless to flow. A fluid with lower viscosity, like water or maize oil, flows more freely. It is because there is very little friction as it moves. It is due to little friction because of the fluid's molecular structure.

The viscosity of a liquid substance like honey would be 10,000 cps. The viscosity of condiments like mustard and ketchup ranges from 50,000 to 70,000 cps. Thus, what is the relationship between viscosity and packaging? CSC Scientific Company Inc., a measurement equipment supplier, explains it. According to it, viscosity impacts the speed at which a liquid product moves through a pipe. It also impacts how long it takes to set or dry and how long it takes to dispense the fluid into its packing. Hence, the product's viscosity is an important consideration. You must be precise when choosing liquid packaging equipment. The product filler depends on viscosity. The force must be right to encourage flow while not being too strong to cause the package to overflow.

  • Fill temperatures affect the viscosity of liquids.

Most liquid products flow more easily when heated. Imagine the viscosity of icing or motor oil. It changes substantially and becomes much more free-flowing when heated. A heated liquid's molecules start moving faster. This movement is sufficient to overcome the forces holding the molecules together. Thus, it causes the liquid to flow more freely. Surface tension is also lowered by heat, which further lowers viscosity. What impact does this have on packaging operations? When setting up the packing line, it is crucial to consider the temperature. You must consider the temperature at which you will pour the liquid product into the box. Hence, a precise fill temperature is necessary. It helps to offer the most effective liquid packing option.

  • Size matters when it comes to particulates

Particulates are found in liquids, including sauces, soups, and salad dressings. These particles are spices and flavorings, such as tiny vegetable pieces. Particles can either be suspended in the liquid or sink to the bottom. Thus, it is important to take extra care when packaging liquids with particulates. Thus, it will depend on whether particles are present or not. It is necessary to characterize and measure the particulates' average size. You must also measure their general characteristics. Do you know how to choose the product filler your e-liquid packaging solution needs? Your packaging needs it to ensure the most precise and unhindered dispensing.

  • Insulation effect

The gas barrier function is the primary determinant of a product's quality. It is a primary determinant during its shelf life. Moreover, it is the primary benchmark for evaluating its shelf life. Oxygen is insulated by the materials used for packing in the bag and box. Poor gas barrier performance of the packaging material raises issues. These issues include the potential for oxidative transformation of the contents. It happens due to susceptibility to oxygen.

  • The sealing function

The sealing function relates to how well the bag in the box is sealed. There are many ways to test the sealing function. Using a leak tester is the most popular approach. This test ensures the integrity of the product's full package seal. Thus, it prevents issues like leakage and pollution. Moreover, it prevents transformation brought on by the product's subpar sealing ability. Do you know the major purpose of vacuum packaging? It is to look at how well the samples are recovered after the experiment. The procedure described above is founded on the idea of visual examination. It is a qualitative test method.

Styles of liquid packaging

The following are different styles that you can consider for this packaging.

  • Shelf-ready perfume boxes

Cardboard is often a necessary component in the creation of various box designs. You can modify this shelf-ready box to meet your needs. The shelf-ready style is one of the basic packaging designs for exhibiting various items on shelves. They conduct a wide range of functions and duties. They can assist with product display and packaging in retail boxes settings. They might contribute to making sure that your products get from the warehouse to the storefront securely. Thus, they also ensure the attractive presentation of your products. By customizing, numerous brands can alter this packaging to fit their demands. Hence, they can promote their liquid products by employing the right photos and graphics.

  • Box and lid packaging

Because you can make it from leftover packaging waste, this opulent packaging is reasonably priced. They might be the best choice for giving customers a visually appealing approach to experiencing your liquid products. Manufacturers attach their corners and other components using glue, tape, or binders. Due to their beauty, they are the finest technique to sell your items. You have various options for printing them depending on the company's needs. They might also come in appealing color combinations to draw customers. So, to protect the contents from dust, they have specially formed lids.

  • Die-cut self-locking box

You can use die-cut, self-locking, custom boxes to convey small items. They are powerful and dependable. They are the best shipment packaging solution largely due to their simplicity of production. Due to the lack of waste it produces, it is incredibly cost-effective to produce. Moreover, they look appealing and catch the eyes of many people passing by. They are highly customizable and can be printed to the specifications of many different businesses. You may put any product boxes inside and send it securely to customers. Keep them in mind when looking for cheap boxes.

Liquid products need extra care during their storage custom packaging and handling. We have seen that brands must find high-quality and smart packaging solutions to ensure the safe delivery of their liquid products to retail outlets. We have explained the different features of liquid packaging. Moreover, we have explained different styles that you can consider to package your liquid products to impress buyers.

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