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By: Emma Watson Posted On: Nov-22-2022 
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Foundation is a women's best friend; it has seen everything from fighting dark circles to hiding stubborn blackheads. It is why the placement of foundation makeup boxes has become vital for the vanity of makeup lovers. It serves as a base for every makeup item. Face foundation is there to pamper you when you feel dull; it makes your skin glow even on your darkest days, and not only this, it has been proven that foundation is good for your skin. The thick layer which gives your skin a flawless look also protects you from pollution and the sun. You are about to discover more. So, stay here throughout this guide. Do you know everything about your foundation? Let's see.

Foundation suits according to skin tone

Your foundation is the base of your makeup; if you set the base right, everything else will automatically fall in place. Everyone knows how to apply foundation but do we know the right way? First, choose foundation by matching it to your forehead, neck, cheek, or hand. Well, don't bother from now! Have you ever wondered why you always end up with the wrong foundation? The reason is simple; you match your foundation with your neck, cheek, forehead, or hand without realizing that the shade is completely different from the skin on your face.

Different weather conditions and direct contact with the sun change the complexion of your face so if you want a perfect foundation, match it with your jawline. A wrong selection for the foundation may result in a clear difference between the areas where you have applied foundation and those without it. People could easily note such a difference.

Foundation makeup boxes help get the right foundation

Do you know that the foundation's packaging can help you buy the right foundation per your needs? It is a fact that cosmetic firms often display all the details about their foundation over the foundation boxes, minimizing the purchase time. On the other hand, you would also be able to buy them with quality at a low price. Please read all the details about the foundation, including its chemical composition and other elements. Check whether any of them could cause an allergy to your skin. Avoid buying such packaging that has elements that are not safe for everyone's skin.

Meanwhile, the quality of the boxes would also help you analyze the foundation's quality. A professional brand always pays attention to its packaging. Foundation makeup is also highly sensitive to hot conditions. Therefore, it is also vital to buy them in packaging that seems highly protective and able to protect the foundations.

DO NOT pick a foundation lighter than the skin

Face foundation is not a fairness cream. So you are mistaken if applying a lighter shade foundation will give you a flawless fair look. Foundation is supposed to balance out the skin tone, so if you choose the foundation lighter than your complexion, it will give you a greyish look, and you certainly don't want that.

Match the shade with your jawline; if it blends perfectly, you have come the right way! Remember the best tone that matches your skin; you always prefer buying that from cosmetic and retail stores. It is better to check upon this fact as it is possible to have a mild variation in skin tone. Therefore, you would need to update the foundation according to the recent tone of your skin.

Layer up a foundation as much as you feel good

Applying a perfect foundation in one try is a dream every female sees. It saves time and effort, but the secret behind the perfect finish to your foundation is how well you layer it into your skin. Put on your foundation in thin layers and blend them well; it will give your skin a natural look and last long. Meanwhile, one could need to apply a bit thick layer in a certain need of the hour. However, make sure that the layer blends into your skin well. Please do not make it look rough, whatever your choice is in this regard.

It has to serve as the base for other makeup items. Therefore, consider that aspect in mind as well. Make a list of all you want to apply according to the theme of the event you are going to attend or just going to the office. Then, decide about it according to that situation. Another factor in caring about this is always applying the foundation if you use a liquid foundation. Apply the concealer after it. However, it would be vice versa in the case of a powder foundation.

Grab foundation makeup boxes and test them anytime

When it comes to makeup, people need assurance. They worry about light variations affecting their shade, which is a myth. Grab the foundation makeup boxes, and there is no need to get anxious about it because if your shade matches in one light, it will match in other lights. The light that changes your foundation shade will also change your skin color, keeping them in the same tone. There are several foundations in the market for men as well. Regardless of gender and age, you can test the foundations anytime and anywhere.

Be sure that you will buy the correct one in every condition. You do not need to ensure it is in daylight or under indoor lighting. Several people get confused about it. Meanwhile, there is another option of buying them from online marketplaces if you are still confused about it.

In a nutshell, the foundation has the power to enhance your beauty, but only the right shade will do that. So choose the shade wisely, blend well and SLAY! Foundation is a women's best friend; it has seen everything from fighting dark circles to hiding stubborn blackheads. Get help from foundation makeup boxes to select the right one. Face foundation is there to pamper you when you feel dull; it makes your skin glow even on your darkest days, and not only this, it has been proven that foundation is good for your skin.

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