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Cardboard is the most innovative packaging solution. Despite its extraordinary features, it also has a tendency to bring large innovations with respect to packaging. Cardboard is lightweight material which can be 100% recycled. It can be converted to endless shapes with unlimited folding options at low die-cut costs. The result is innovative packaging with distinct characteristics. It is space saver due to its stackable nature. Cardboard boxes are the most commonly used ones but they can also be used in other forms like paper bags. It can package almost every product even with an unusual shape and sharp edges. Due to its durable nature, it has made its way in the packaging sector by replacing all other materials. It's the reason why a number of business entrepreneurs prefer the use of custom cardboard boxes for their products. The packaging designed from cardboard not only looks attractive but provides an Eco-conscious impression to the customers. With the advancements in technology, the cardboard packaging has evolved over time. The race is still continuing. Let's see what wonders these cardboard boxes will create. Below are some of the innovations in cardboard boxes which have facilitated people in packaging their products:

Cardboard Tubing:

Who says that cardboard comes in square shape? It can be changed into various shapes with respect to the functional needs of the products. One of the useful innovations is cardboard tubing. It is used to package a number of household items like tissue rolls and aluminum foil etc. this circular cardboard tube has solved many issues and make the things convenient to use. Even you can fold large posters, architectural drawings, and maps for long-term storage.
Cardboard tube

The Cardboard Flat-Pack:

Most of the custom packaging boxes come in six sides and they are designed to be flat. Such flat packed cardboard boxes are extremely useful for mass production. They can be made flat after use and stored for later use. The most common examples of flat-pack boxes product packaging boxes and the large shipping boxes used for a house move, posting and shifting office supplies.

Cardboard Food Boxes:

It would be more than surprised to know that custom boxes made from cardboard are used for packaging food and takeaway items. The boxes are designed in a square, rectangle or whatever shape you like. The most commonly used ones are gable boxes and Chinese takeout boxes. Cup fillers are also available which can be filled with solid, granulated or even liquid food items. Once the food items are placed inside the box, it is sealed with a lid or tape to make it secure.

Milk And Juice Containers:

Cardboard packaging has made its way in the food and beverage sector as well. The innovations in cardboard bring a new surprise with each new invention. Plastic bottles for milk and juices have been rapidly replaced by special cardboard containers. They are internally coated with a secure water-proof coating making them durable and long-lasting. The layer prevents the liquid to penetrate into the external cardboard container. The containers come up with cap, which makes customers to conveniently it and recycle after use.

The Wine Bottle Carrier:

If you have ever shopped for a party, you might estimate how difficult it is to carry a number of beer bottles even if you plastic them in a plastic bag. The danger of getting damaged always remains there unless they reach your home safely. The wine bottle carrier is a great innovation in cardboard which has solved this issue. It designed from highly durable cardboard and comes up with a handle to facilitate carrying the bottles. The box can be made flat and stored for further use. Such cardboard boxes have facilitated a number of manufacturers in promoting their products.

The Fold Open Cardboard Package:

This type of cardboard packaging is used for the products with a flat body and less height. If you have come across a chance to order a book from an online retailer, you might have seen such type of packaging. These custom cardboard boxes are easy to open. With a little force, the tab can be pulled and the box converts to a flat piece of cardboard with your product placed in the center.

Archive Boxes:

Cardboard storage boxes come in various shapes and designs. One of the innovative creations is archive boxes. They have a unique shape and should not be confused with a flat-pack design. They are made with a handle from one side of the box and a lid to keep the contents safe. The archive boxes have been in use for decades to facilitate the people access their valuable documents at the time of need. It acts as a moisture-resistant keeping your data safe for long. they can be designed in various styles depending up the type of files, documents and other records you want to place in. these file boxes are similar to an investment made by the owners to store their valuable documentation to meet legal compliances.

Egg Cartons:

Eggs are one of the most frequently used food items. Its storage and transition have always been a problem unless the invention of cardboard egg cartons was made. Eggs are very fragile items which are easily prone to damage. Egg cartons are the best way to keep them safe and facilitate their carrying. These custom packaging boxes are extremely lightweight but functional enough to provide ultimate protection to the delicate items. They are designed from high-quality cardboard which resists to maximum movement and compression.
Egg carton

Display Packaging:

Display packaging has gained significant importance in a less interval of time. The display boxes are designed in a way to grasp the attention of customers at first sight. They increase the visibility and accessibility of products by providing an eye-catching view. There are various styles of display packaging depending upon the nature of the products and the place you want to display them. For example, these custom boxes can be placed near the counters, end-of-aisle or where ever you like. They are highly beneficial with respect to the promotional purpose or new product launch. It's the reason that display boxes are used by a number of entrepreneurs to effectively display their products. Display boxes are a perfect marketing tool. They can be designed in an eco- friendly way or by using flash and bright colors to grasp the customers' attention. Display boxes are a proven tactic to elevate your brand and increase your sales. They are placed at various important distribution points to stimulate the customer purchase behavior.

The packaging designed from cardboard not only looks attractive but provides an Eco-conscious impression to the customers. With the advancements in technology, the cardboard packaging has evolved over time.


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