How to Select the Superior Custom Box for Your Product.?

By: theresa burns Posted On: May-09-2023 

Regarding packaging, every brand wants the best for its product. Picking custom boxes is the decision of many. There are a lot of reasons behind this decision. As these packages come with a sturdy design, they are ideal for protection. Moreover, they also serve as an excellent marketing tool. The brands can advertise their products and the entire business with the help of these containers. The customization also allows for better dimensions which makes the product remain secure. These cartons are also famous for making an item stand out.  

Importance of Better Feature Add in Custom Boxes

These packages by themselves are essential for any business. Be it a cosmetic product, or an edible bakery item, they all need the perfect custom containers. Moreover, when a brand adds enhancing features to the design, they become more impressive. They can add small details that will bring many benefits to the containers. These better features include handles, window cuts, dividers, etc. All of these are great detail that benefits the user and the brand. Handles make it easier for users to carry their boxes.

Similarly, dividers make sure that no item touches the other. So, they all remain in their best condition. Adding window cuts to the packages makes them more appealing, giving buyers a peek inside the containers. 

Use High-Quality Material for Making Custom Packages

This goes without saying that the construction material of these custom boxes wholesale is the most important thing. The packages do not serve their purpose when the brands add appealing designs and prints but fail to use suitable materials. They are not sturdy enough to keep the item inside secure and safe. Therefore, the integrity of the product and the brand's reputation suffers. On the other hand, when they use good quality material, it makes a huge difference. High-quality construction makes it possible for the package to be robust. Therefore, it will not bend and break under weight or pressure. The product present inside will be safe from damage. So, brands must use high-quality materials. 

Types of Custom Boxes for Productivity

There are numerous types of custom containers available for brands. They come in multiple sizes and shapes. Moreover, the classes also differ according to the construction. Some of the common types are:

Corrugated Boxes

One of the most common types is a corrugated one. Its construction includes multiple layers of cardboard attached. Due to the thick design, they are famous for offering excellent protection to the products present inside. 

Rigid Packaging 

As the name indicates, these containers come with a rigid design. They are made from different materials. But the most common are cardboard layers. Their wooden design allows them to maintain their shape under all situations. 

Folding Boxes 

Folding containers are another common type of highly productive custom boxes. As their name shows, they come in folded form. The buyers can refold them after taking the product out. Their highly customizable nature makes them perfect for different products. 

Custom Boxes Supply Chains

The supply chain of our custom packages begins right after the brand provides its desired design. After manufacturing that design, the boxes are ready for shipping. They are folded and compact as they have to be shipped to the business. After being sent through a freight carrier, they reach the company. Then they are made according to their intended shape from the folded design. After this, the product is added inside. Then they move to the aisles in the market. The last step of the supply chain is the customers purchasing the product and taking the boxes home. 

Brand Awareness for Business Productivity

Another benefit these packages offer to businesses is brand awareness. The brands can add their logos and essential information at a prime spot. So, when the customer can see the critical information right at the top of the boxes, that product attracts them more. The information may even fascinate them enough that they share it with others. Moreover, when the brands keep a consistent design for all their products, it also increases awareness. The buyers can only recognize the item from a mile away due to its box. This helps the business quite a lot. Their image becomes better as well as the sales boost. 

Manufacture Custom Containers with Exclusive Segregation

Segregation is an essential feature of such containers. Especially if the packages are made for more than a single product, this factor becomes vital. It involves the addition of dividers inside the boxes. They help the brands maintain a neat and clean look of their containers. More importantly, they are essential for keeping the items safe. Usually, in shipping, products bump into each other. This results in things suffering from mild to severe damage. The addition of segregation prevents that from happening. It ensures that every item remains in its spot inside the box. So along with a better presentation, the things are also in their original shape and form after transit. 

Customization Options 

When it comes to custom containers, customization is a crucial feature. The brands cannot ignore this. The brands need a wide range to make a design perfect for their product. It comes under this category, from the size and shape to the design and print. The manufacturer needs to offer different conditions. So that the customers can make a design according to their products' contours. Customization also includes coating and finishing the boxes. The more customization choices a customer has, the more unique design they can come up with. This helps the brand create a package no customer has ever seen before. Moreover, it also benefits the manufacturers, as they have a fantastic portfolio. 

Top Quality Control Tools and Techniques for Custom Packages

The quality of the custom boxes is an essential part of the construction. Every step needs to be of the highest quality. Otherwise, the parcels will damage the brands' image more than reasonably. Top quality control tools and techniques need to be ensured for this. A few methods include the following. 

Drop Testing 

One major part of every package is its shipping. Every box is moved from the manufacturers to the brand and then from the brand to the buyers from freight carriers. Therefore, they should be strong enough to tolerate the process of shipment. Drop testing is the most common technique for quality checking. The packages are dropped from a certain height to check whether they remain in their original condition after impact.  

Visual Inspection by a Team 

The most common technique is a visual inspection. A team of inspectors checks every box to see whether they have any tears that will cause malfunction or any design flaw. If any container has a defect, it is removed from the pile and shipped to the customers. 

Moisture and Compression Testing 

These two tests are also essential to ensure the quality of the packages. The moisture test involves exposing the containers to a certain level of moisture. The purpose is to determine whether the package can maintain its shape under slight humidity or exposure to water. Similarly, the manufacturer needs to add weight to the boxes for compression testing. During shipping, the packages are placed on top of each other. Therefore, they need to have weight tolerance.

Quality Control Challenges and How to Control Them

Various challenges arise that arise regarding the quality of the containers. The most basic include the construction quality. This can be tackled by using high-quality materials to make the packages. The second quality challenge is the design. This involves the size and shape of the containers according to the product. A slight difference in the dimensions can become a flaw. The manufacturers can control this challenge by ensuring the design follows the product dimensions perfectly. 

In addition to that, print errors also come under the category of quality challenges. Even if the boxes have a small misprint, it can damage the brand. It can lead to false information reaching the customers. A visual inspection is necessary to eliminate this problem. Another challenge that brands face is transportation. As mentioned above, the manufacturer can handle this problem by putting the packages through specific tests. 

The Final Thought

Custom boxes are a fantastic marketing source and excellent presentation for every brand. They can display their products in an aesthetically appealing way. However, the beauty of the containers is dependent upon many factors. Selecting the right package is essential to ensure it will look eye-catching. The above factors are the best ways a business can design custom product containers. 

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