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How to recycle Cereal Boxes?

Cereals are one of the loved breakfast items. They are liked by the people of all age groups. Everyone prefers to take a healthy start of the day. Cereals are the best way to add to your nutritional value. The consumption of this food item is increasing with the passage are time. A number of cereal brands have entered the market segment. Cereal packaging plays an important role in making your brand successful. Printing has taken it a step further. The use of eye–catchy colors and artwork grasps the attention of customers at a sight. Manufacturers work on cereal boxes designs to make their brand stand out. The boxes are so attractive that the consumers do not want to throw them off. There are a number of cereal boxes ideas to reuse them in an interesting way. They can be used to make desk organizers, pencil cases, small gift boxes and much more. 
Another important feature of cereal boxes is their eco-friendly nature. They are made from light-weight cardboard, which is 100% recyclable material. Cereal boxes can be recycled easily like newspaper, envelops and other paper products. They are converted into a new form of packaging after going through the recycling process. An easy way is to break down the cereal boxes before disposing of them in the recycling bin. Less space will be taken when they are flat. As a result, they can easily pass through the recycling machinery. Below are some of the important steps to recycle cereal boxes:
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1) Throw the Cereal Boxes in Recycling Bin after Consumption:

According to research statistics, near about 2.7 billion cereal boxes are consumed by Americans every year. With such a large consumption, its disposal can become an issue of concern. The process can become easy if everyone plays his part in the recycling process. After consumption, every size of packaging including mini cereal boxes should be disposed of in the recycling bin. Some of the countries have separate cereal boxes storage bins for their disposal. Never forget to remove the plastic liner if it is non-recyclable.
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2) Single-Stream Recycling:

In this step, all the acceptable recyclables are collected in a single large bin. It contains a variety of recyclable materials like plastic, metal, glass in addition to paper products. This waste is transferred to MRF i.e. Materials Recovery Facility. As the waste is unloaded, large machines like optical scanners and star wheel sorters are used to separate various types of recyclables. Hand-sorting also goes on side by side to remove the waste which cannot be recycled. Paper products are collected by the process. They are sorted in different categories and baled. At this stage, the material is ready to be shipped to the recycling plant.
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3) Processing at Recycling Plant:

The waste is processed in the recycling unit. The bales are broken down, pulped and de-inked. The cleaning process is also carried out side by side. Advanced machines operate with higher efficiency to get the best output. The paper is converted to pulp. It is filtered to remove coating, inks and other contaminants. This process is carried out many times unless the most refined form of paper is obtained. Each time the paper is recycled, its fibers get weaken. Six cycles are repeated to make the paper too worn out to reuse. This washed pulped in the pressed and dried by large machines. Several new rolls of recycled paperboard are obtained. It is then sent for printing.
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4) Printing of the Recycled Paperboard:

About 50% of the paperboard, sent to the printing press, is used to make packaging. It can be used to make cereal boxes or the packaging of any other household product. In the case of the first option, the experts work on cereal boxes designs to create one of the best packaging ever. The logos, patterns, images and other necessary details are printed on the boxes. The use of eye-catchy colors adds to its attractiveness. High-quality inks are used during the printing process. As the cereal boxes are manufactured again they are sent to food companies for the packaging of products. These mini cereal boxes are designed in different sizes, shapes, and styles according to the requirement of Food Company.
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This was the recycling process of cereal boxes. The process can be repeated again and again maintain the quality of the paper. It washes off all the toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process. Thus the most refined form of paperboard is produced at the end free from any contaminants. Such type of packaging is completely safe for any food items. With the increase in awareness about environmental sustainability, consumers have become highly concerned to choose recycled packaging. When a consumer picks a cereal box made up of recycled paper, he gives a message about his concerns. By choosing recycled boxes over other forms of packaging and disposing of them properly, one can play his part to save the environment.

Cereal boxes can be recycled easily like newspaper, envelops and other paper products. They are converted into a new form of packaging after going through the recycling process. An easy way is to break down the cereal boxes before disposing of them in the recycling bin.

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