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How to Prevent COVID While Working in the Packaging Sector

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world in a state of powerless concern. It has proved one of the biggest dangers to human life. No one can surely predict how long the impact of COVID-19 will last. As the number of cases rises in every continent, more and more countries are taking drastic measures to control this spread. Every business is facing challenges in its supply chains. The printing and packaging industry has suffered worldwide. A large number of workers are away from their workplace as a result of illness, quarantine or self-isolation policies. But necessities can never end. Everyone needs to eat and drink. Household supplies are necessary to purchase. So the packaging sector has to continue its operations. According to the CEO of Fiber box Association, Dennis Colley, cardboard packaging is the backbone of the supply chain of America. However, if you are a member of it, becoming a victim of COVID-19 should be your primary concern. In this way, you can save several other lives as well.

Here we are going to discuss some of the preventive measures for avoiding COVID-19 while working in the packaging sector:

prevention from COVID-19

Wear Gloves while Handling:

wear gloves for prevention from COVID-19

Although it is perfectly safe to handle the food and other products with bare hands washed properly but if the workers go for using gloves, it's a good precaution. However, the gloves used by the food workers should be frequently changed. The hands should be washed as many as times the gloves are removed. The workers should know that wearing gloves can allow the virus to stay on the surface of hands, so washing hands is very important to remove off all the germs. Special care should be taken while carrying out other activities like opening/closing of doors by hands, emptying the bins, handling custom boxes, and interacting with machines, etc. Custom box packaging processes need special monitoring. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, Coronavirus can live on surfaces for several hours. Different workers engage simultaneously during the packaging process so wearing gloves is essential. The gloves should be disposed of immediately after each phase. 

Automate the Processes:

automate packaging process

The manufacturers of custom printed boxes are working hard to deliver their packaging products without being influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and other every day used consumer products is essential to deliver. Disruption in the availability of these goods can cause hardships for the retailers and the customers. This has made wholesale boxes manufacturers to continue operating their box plants under the guidelines of CDC and OSHA. It's the only way to continue your operations without being adversely affected. Automate your processes as far as possible. The less the human interaction, the less will be the chance to spread the disease. The inventions like conveyors, sealers, strapping and taping machines, etc have reduced the human interference to a great extent. Automating your packaging processes more even in the case of small businesses can save you from this dilemma. 

Avoiding contracting with Contaminated Surfaces:

contaminated surfaces to avoid COVID

Scientific research revealed that as long as the COVID remains infectious on cardboard, metal, and plastic, the people can get it through the air or by touching contaminated surfaces. The virus remains up to three hours in aerosol, four hours in copper, 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel. The figures are alarming but true. It is transmitted quickly by relatively casual contact. It means that if you are touching anything which someone else has handled previously, it could be contaminated. While working in the packaging industry, contacting through such surfaces is hard to avoid. However, maximum care must be taken while handling them. The workers should wear gloves and wash their hands more often. Custom design boxes should be made for every product. This eliminates the use of excessive raw material subjected to more human handling. The less you contact with a contaminated surface, the more chances to prevent COVID-19.

The entire world is the victim of COVID-19. It has affected the packaging sector badly. However by taking some of the measures you can minimize its effects.

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