How to Improve Printing Quality for Hair Extension Boxes? 6 Secret TipsPosted On: May-26-2021  By: Luke Crain

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What you are overlooking in your business

At the start of a business, or even after a while, people often forget to look at the most important aspects of it. Just like a beginner would need guidance from a professional, a newly launched business owner also desperately needs to know the things that can bring their business down. A lot of these things don’t need too much investment or anything so they are easy to get done. You need to be smart and pro-active in what do you want in the beginning. So, people try to learn from their previous mistakes or take help. Neglecting even a single factor that plays a part in the sales of your products! And these are:

Many factors play a role in making your products successful, and if you can’t seem to get a hold of them, you won’t be able to compete with the other business owners. The two most important things that a product’s selling depends on are:


  • The actual product.
  • The packaging of the product.

Why the packaging of hair extension matter?

Hair extension boxes play a huge part in putting an impact on your customer. Walking into a retail store or a hair products aisle, the one thing the customers won’t appreciate is the lack of efforts made on the boxes. No customer will find themselves trusting a product which the manufacturers didn’t even try for. Since hair extensions can’t be put into the shops as is, they need to be packed away in hair extension packaging. And that packaging is the first thing that your customers will see and that is exactly how they will perceive the product inside. Seeing a badly put-together box without any knowledge of the item inside won't cause the right spark in your eyes or heart will it? These are the exact things your customer will be thinking about. The key is to think about their experience like you'd think about your own!

How can you improve your hair extension boxes?

There are many ways in which you can improve your hair extension boxes. If you are not getting enough customers, there is no need to get disheartened over it because there is always room for improvement! And here is the help you need. Read on to find out the 6 tips that will help you make your packaging boxes better:


  1. Hair extension packaging boxes can be made interesting by introducing new shapes and sizes. You can get a lot of attention from your audience if you start packing your hair extensions in unique boxes.
  2. Hair extension boxes are supposed to have the necessary information on them. Does your customer know how to use it? In case they don’t, you need to have the proper guiding points for them to follow along to secure the hair extensions in place properly. This might also pique the interest of your audience.
  3. The sign of good packaging is the representation it does for its company. Your hair extension packaging should also have the proper brand and company name on the boxes so that your customers know who they are buying from. Nobody will want to buy a brand-less product!
  4. Your hair extension boxes should have vibrant colors or colors that fit with the hair extensions and look complementary. This way you will stand out among the other boxes.
  5. Hair extension is something a customer can’t try before they buy. So, to give them a look at the hair extensions inside, you can make custom hair extension packaging boxes with windows in them so your customers can take a look at what they are buying before they spend their money on it.
  6. Try to add points as to why customers should choose your hair extensions over the others! The clients will be interested in that and it is a fun way to interact with the customers as well.

Stop thinking of this as a chore!

Selecting a good hair extension packaging is important because you need to make the most positive impact on your customers that you can. If you take it as a chore, you will never be able to fully unlock your potential and the creative side of your brain that needs to come to life before you start creating good hair extension boxes. This will surely be a positive and fresh checkpoint for your business when people start buying your products more often because of the undeniably good quality of the packaging of your product!

For the past few years, the hair extension businesses are bustling and these companies are selling a lot to customers because more and more people are starting to buy it trying to go with the trend. And with the countless hair extension companies popping up, it might get a little hard to compete. Especially if you are new to this business, you might get taken right off the path if you don't know how to make your place. So, in case you own a hair extension business that hasn't been running properly or is the owner of a newly launched one, these few tips will help you get the recognition that you need from your customers!

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