How to Improve Printing Quality for Hair Extension Boxes? 6 Secret Tips

By: donaldlucas Posted On: Apr-07-2023 
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In the cosmetic industry, extensions for hairs are becoming very popular all across the world. Brands these days are using various presentation options for their makeup products so that they can get better sales rates. In this regard, hair extension boxes are packaging solutions that come with exceptional features and qualities. Printing these solutions and getting remarkable results is very easy because of their printable surfaces. But if the quality of your materials is not good, then you are just wasting money on it. So you must find ways that can improve or enhance the printing quality of these packages and get better results.

Laminations for Hair extension boxes:

The use of laminations can enhance the printed materials of your hair extension boxes instantly. Laminations are kinds of finishing methods that can make printing materials of packages durable and reliable. You cannot spend a lot of money on your printing materials and leave them for scratches and stains. Fingerprints, grease, bacteria, and dust particles all can reduce the qualities of your materials. So in this regard, go with laminations for your packages. They come in two different types that have unique functionalities and features. For instance, if you are using smudge-free lamination, your packages will remain clean from all kinds of fingerprint stains. On the other hand, velvet lamination is effective in enhancing the printing materials by giving them a soft-touch sheet of attractive textures and colors. Consider these kinds of options and increase the longevity of your packaging solutions.

Coating options:

Coatings are finishing options that are effective in enhancing the appearance of printing materials that you put on your hair extension packaging. Just like laminations, coating options also come in different types that are effective in various ways. You need to choose the option that goes perfectly with the type of printing materials that you are applying to your packaging solutions. For instance, the matte coating is effective in reducing the impacts of light rays on printing results. It can light up your colors by giving them graceful appearances. Similarly, gloss coating is an option that can keep the surface of your boxes clean and clear. It gives a glossy finish to product packaging that will boost the value of your printing results for sure. Just make sure to compare the qualities of different coating results and choose the one that is according to your needs.

Choose packaging material wisely:

Materials of hair extension packaging wholesale play an important role in deciding whether you are going to get reliable printing results or not. Sometimes, even after paying a lot, you do not get boxes that can hold reliable printing results from advanced printing options. In that kind of situation, make sure that you buy your boxes after considering their printable feature. In this regard, choose packaging solutions that come from the making of cardboard, kraft, and bux board materials. These flexible materials are effective in producing quality printing results. Whether you are using digital printing for them or offset printing, they will give astonishing results. You can imprint them with quality themes, interactive layouts, and engaging color patterns to attract your target audience. They will provide you with the results that will surely increase the values of your items in the eyes of customers.

Select the right method:

If the printing method that you select to imprint your packages, they will never provide beneficial and long-lasting results. Printing needs can be different according to different product displaying needs. That is why look for a reliable printing method. First of all, make sure about the type of materials you want on the surface of your packages. For instance, if you want high-end colorful printing results, consider digital printing. Its ability to work with CMYK and PMS models makes it perfect for displaying unique graphical presentations. Similarly, if you want to save money while printing your boxes, go with offset printing. Screen printing is the option that gives printing results for packages in bulk amounts at the same time.

Quality inks for Hair extension boxes:

Inks that you use to put printing results on hair extension packages are also important in getting quality results. No matter how good your printing option is. If the ink that you are using inside that printer or printing method, it will be of no use. Consider different types of inks and compare their capabilities. This comparison will help you in knowing which ink will be perfect for your specific printing results. For instance, water-based and soy-based inks are perfect for getting quality results without even using a lot of printing resources. These inks are also biodegradable, which makes them perfect for the environment as well. Consider these kinds of effective ink options if you want your packages to get quality printing results.

Embossing or debossing:

Increasing the worth of printing materials of your hair extension packages will bring more target audiences to your product displays. Embossing and debossing are methods in this regard that you can use to add a premium touch to your packaging and its printed materials. In these kinds of methods, the inks of material get raised outward or inward of your box surface. These options are used when you want to make important details or elements prominent. For instance, you can use them to mark the name of your brand, logo, or slogan of your company on the packaging solution. They provide various color options in which you can choose what type of printing materials you want to enhance and in which pattern.

The above-mentioned ways to enhance the printing results of hair extension boxes will surely provide you instant attention to customers. With these tips, you will be able to increase the worth of your boxes and their creative and appealing designs. Printing these solutions efficiently will help you in getting more target audiences for your product displays. Make sure to find a packaging brand that can provide you with all of these ways of enhancing the printing materials of your custom packaging solutions.

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