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How to attract Fashion enthusiast with Cosmetic Packaging

Some industries have much potential to develop die-hard customers. Cosmetic industry is one of them. It has been in for hundreds of years, attracting a large number of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With the increasing market competition, getting loyal customers has become quite challenging. The first impression of your product is important. Therefore, the way you design your cosmetic boxes can take your brand a long way. It can make your product noticeable among several similar offerings. It's the reason that wholesale cosmetic companies are highly concerned about designing their product packaging. They want to make it stand out from the crowd. Below are some of the ways to attract fashion enthusiasts with cosmetic packaging:

Intricate Line Drawing:

custom cosmetic boxes

Intricate drawings use fine lines and lots of details to design a cosmetic box. Floral and hand-made drawing work well. They should be cleverly placed in a selected area or cover the entire cosmetic sample packaging. If you want to go for something less feminine but still elegant and detailed, go for geometric drawing style. It's perfect to add details your brand is in search for. Such intricate patterns attract fashion enthusiasts by beautifully showcasing the inside product. 

Unique Custom Fonts:

fonts for custom boxes

Typography is the best way to express yourself as a brand. The bold and unique font trend continued to packaging as well. It gives your custom cosmetic boxes a whole lot of character, setting them apart from competition. Whether it carries a retro vibe, an unusual flair or a bold statement, a unique font can make your product stick to customers' minds. 

Bold, Eye-Catchy Patterns:

colorful cosmetic packaging

Loud strips and bold color combinations can make your cosmetic boxes wholesale jump off the shelves. Such eye-catchy patterns give your brand a uniqueness which sets you apart. An irregular design is a reoccurring trend. But it does not mean that your brand has to be young and loud to use this trend. Abstract patterns also work well as long as the colors and shapes are right. 

Lush Floral and Warm, Earthy Colors:

floral designs for boxes

This stylish vintage design is perfect to attract fashion enthusiasts. Design your cosmetic packaging boxes in rich, warm, floral earthy tones. It gives a feminine touch and sometimes even sexy, giving warmth and comfort. The combination of lush and rich floral illustrations with simple typography gives you a classic style to design your cosmetic packaging. 

Modern, Minimalistic Pastels:

cosmetic boxes

Pastel and minimalism is a match made in heaven. Pastels will soften the hard look created by a minimalistic style. Whereas, a minimalistic, clean design ensures that your pastel packaging looks chic and modern. Playing with both concepts can create a perfect mix for your brand. You might have seen different cosmetic subscription boxes designed in this way to grasp customer attention. It's your choice whether you want to keep your cosmetic display units simply by picking a single pastel shade or choose a combination of pastels to get a playful look. 

Combination of Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal:

creative cosmetic boxes

There is nothing good in your package if it does not fulfill a fundamental purpose i.e. to protect your products. The function is as imperative as aesthetics. Let us take the example of cosmetics display cases for a vitamin serum designed with a window. Although it looks visually appealing, the packaging box manufacturers should know that exposing this product to light can weaken the contents of the bottle. Your all wholesale cosmetic packaging should not only complement the product but also shield it. The following cosmetic boxes for honey potion enclose a jar which is shaped similar to honeycomb. The outer packaging is designed in an origami style, telling the story quite well. 

Cool, Black Packaging:

cool designs for cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic boxes designed in black and white are a timeless trend. Fashion enthusiasts never get tired of it. The designers have unlimited options to show their creativity. White color is considered to be an overwhelming choice for cosmetic packaging. Black color looks luxurious with an air of mystery and coolness. To make an interesting twist, these colors are given subtle patterns and little pop of colors for an eye-catching effect. Most of the cosmetic counter display is designed by using a combination of black and white.

The way you design your cosmetic boxes plays a significant role in attracting fashion enthusiasts. Be playful with different color schemes and follow new trends to make them stand out.

How to attract Fashion enthusiast with Cosmetic Packaging


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