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How healthy should a food box be?

Healthy food is loved by everyone, especially when it is packed in well-designed food boxes. Such custom box packaging not only makes your items presentable but provides maximum protection. It saves them from moisture, heat, contamination and atmospheric changes. Custom food packaging is one of the biggest concerns of manufacturers for years. No matter whatever type of food business you run, you have to work on its custom packaging. It's the best way to highlight your brand and prevent the items from spoilage. 

A Healthy Food Box: What is it?

healthy food box

However, when it comes to food boxes, they should be healthy enough to give maximum benefits to the customers. They should provide a perfect mix of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Fresh fruits and crunchy vegetables should be a part of it. A healthy food box makes your life much easier.  It contains nourishing meals delivered at your doorstep. To track the calorie intake, its nutritional details are mentioned in custom presentation boxes. Moreover, you can also customize the boxes by choosing specific meals according to your desire. Add an extra touch of vegetables, and the use of avoiding the use of preservatives and additives to ensure a healthy meal. 

Packaging and Food Safety:

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The way you design your food boxes play a significant role in preserving the quality of your food items. Whether you are an established food brand, run a restaurant, or have a food subscription business, the safety of food items is one of the most crucial issues. You have to follow all the packaging requirements stated by the FDA. The manufacturers use a wide range of options like gable food packaging, or tab locking boxes to deliver the food in perfect condition. Whatever type of packaging you choose it should keep the food fresh for several hours. An insulated food box or the one freezer packed is one of the effective options. They are designed by following hygienic food preservation methods. If your food contains perishable items like eggs, meat or dairy products, keep the boxes at a cool place. Consume them within four hours of preparation.  When it comes to food packaging, the manufacturers often use die-cut boxes so that customers can presume the quality and freshness.

Types of Food Boxes to ensure a Healthy Meal:

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Food packaging wholesale serves multiple purposes. It not only protects the items but also helps to create portion sizes and deliver necessary information about the product. Among several packaging solutions like trays, bags, cans, and pallets; food boxes are the most commonly used option. The main reason is their ease of transportation. Moreover, they can be customized in various ways depending upon your food packaging requirements. They are perfect to carry anything like cereals, frozen food, snacks, pizza, and confectioneries, etc. Here we are going to discuss some of the types of boxes which are extremely healthy to carry your food items:

Kraft food boxes:

Kraft boxes for food

Kraft paper is a sustainable packaging solution. This makes it a perfect choice for making product boxes for food. The material prevents any toxic chemicals from penetrating the edibles. The manufacturers naturally create Kraft paper boxes. No artificial additives or bleaching agent is added during its production process. Kraft boxes keep your food warm for a long time. The sheet does not get wet or soggy when heated. They are extensively used to make bakery packaging like cookie boxes and cake boxes etc.

Chinese Food Boxes:

chinese food boxes

Chinese food to go containers is most commonly used by restaurants and fast-food chains. These customized boxes help you to enjoy the true essence of Chinese food. They keep the food fresh and warm, keeping it healthy all day long. The packaging is designed with a handle at the top which makes it easy to carry.

Customized Lunch boxes:

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They are similar to traditional food boxes and can be designed from a variety of materials like cardboard, Styrofoam, or plastic, etc. However, Kraft paper or cardboard is a healthy option. The only difference lies in their usage. Customized lunch boxes are designed to meet personal requirements. You can carry your homemade lunch or any other desired food item in these wholesale small boxes. But other food boxes are designed on a professional scale to provide the same quality and quantity to the customers.

Corrugated Food Boxes:

custom pizza boxes

Corrugated boxes are another healthy food packaging option. You might have seen using them as pizza boxes, chocolate boxes and other types of food packaging solutions. The boxes are extremely durable and safe to use. They are designed by combining a curled layer of cardboard in between two straight layers. Most of the custom printed pizza boxes are corrugated. They help in keeping your pizza fresh and healthy for hours. They are designed in large sizes to transport a variety of fruits and vegetables at a large distance. Such carton boxes protect the items from heat, moisture, dirt and other atmospheric changes. The material is perfectly safe even if it comes in contact with the food items.

No one compromise when it comes to health. Your food boxes should contain natural and healthy ingredients to provide a perfect mix of nutrients.

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