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By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-18-2023 
Custom Boxes

What do you think is the real purpose of custom boxes? Are they just product carriers, or propose an additional value as well? If you ask experts, they would say that these packaging boxes serve various practical purposes, but their role can be extended. They can serve as a fundamental part of the marketing mix to grow the influence and reach of your brand in the target market. Therefore, you need to pair them with various personalization and customization options that enhance their functionality. Some features in a packaging design are highly appreciated among the consumer's circle. Protection, aesthetic appeal, convenience, and compliance with green standards are a few fundamental expectations of people from the packaging boxes. Let us see what options you have to enhance the features of these packages to influence people's buying actions.

Add die-cut windows to custom boxes:

Getting a fair idea of what the product is all about is the primary demand and the expectation of the people from a brand. Overlooking this may result in the downfall of your retail business because it may compel the buyers to look out for other better options. Think about how one can decide about buying a product when they are unaware of the general information regarding that item.

So, add a unique see-through feature to your custom packaging for better results in this regard. For this, you can take the help of state-of-the-art die-cut technology that produces fine cuts on the desired parts of the packages. Remember to cover these cuts with transparent PVC windows to bring a fine finish to the overall packaging design. The significance of such a box design is that people can easily view and preview the items inside without any hassle. This saves them time exploring the retail shelves they like the most. As a result, they start perceiving your brand and the items as high-end, which influences them for repeat purchases.

Develop information architecture:

Information is the essential element of the decision-making process. If you do not have easy and quick access to reliable information, you cannot decide whether to go for a product or not. The same is true with potential clients; they seem confused when not given access to accurate product details. Bearing that in mind, develop information architecture through the design of your custom packages. First, gather all the solid facts and interesting details concerning your retail items and omit unnecessary data. Then, portray this information by printing custom packaging with exciting color schemes, typography, and lively imagery. The use of these visual elements enhances the ability of the customers to comprehend all the essential details. As a result, they develop an interest in your item, which compels them to go for a quick purchase.

Include handles in the packaging design:

Recently, easily accessible and convenient packaging has become central to reaching a broader target audience and making them feel included. Selecting ordinary designs for custom packages may not serve a great purpose. The customers never like the rote box designs that make them struggle while opening and carrying the items to their homes. So, pair your boxes with functional handles providing a firm grip to the users. Design your packages that consist of two alternating slits close to the handles. This will make the product unboxing experience exemplary for the target audience. You can also think of changing the style of handles according to the ongoing trends in the market. Such a stylization-in-the-box design incentivizes the customers to prefer your items over other options.

Protection is a must:

The primary purpose of cardboard packaging is to protect the product from any breakaway, spoiling, contamination, and other damaging factors. Only a protective box design can ensure that the product reaches the customers in the best of its version. So, ramp up the protection capabilities of custom packaging with protective design elements. Firstly, pay attention to the packaging material. Make sure that the processing material is not just thick but also durable. After that, look out for various packaging reinforcement options.

The best choice here is to go for the addition of multiple packaging-strengthening elements. Custom inserts, for instance, are a smart option since they provide a cushion to the lid and enhance the stacking strength. The addition of protective films can also be considered to ensure protection against moisture, humidity, and other such effects. Once the customers receive the product in optimal condition, they become loyal to the concerned brand.

Go for greener custom boxes:

Many retailers ignore the market trends and shifts in the behavior of consumers’ buying journeys. As a result, they lose a significant chunk of their client base and hence the sales output. For quite a time now, customers have become wary of the packaging solutions that pose a threat to the stability of our planet. So, it is wise to make sure that the design of custom product packaging follows a sustainable theme. Apart from the processing materials, the printing inks also need your attention. At the same time, you need to select the coatings and adhesives that do not affect their recyclability. This will make them compliant with the international green standards, which are an excellent prospect of attracting more and more customers.

Although custom boxes are a one-of-a-kind packaging solution, it is still vital to improve the design that your customers care about. First, gather potential clients' feedback regarding the existing packaging design and go through their recommendations. Then, remember to improve one package feature at a time, making your job easier and hassle-free. Investing in a professional designer is always the best if you cannot develop exciting design ideas. After all, the box design decides how the target audience would think about your products.

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