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Eco Friendly Packaging Growth as Compare to Plastic Industry

The packaging of items has been in use for almost forever. Ever since humankind is civilized, humans have used various types of materials to cover and protect their valuable items. But the eco friendly packaging is the latest advancement in the packaging sector. It is becoming popular with each day passing because of numerous factors. The first and foremost factor is the recyclability of the material that is used in the manufacturing of casings. When we compare the growth of the paper vs plastic packaging industry, with respect to the manufacturing material, the statistics are quite surprising. The sustainable packaging materials industry is on the rise at the rate of 6 percent growth every year. Not only that, there are many other factors involved in the growth of the organic industry over the inorganic or non-recyclable materials. 

eco friendly packaging trends vs plastic bags

The following are some of the major factors that are the biggest pieces of evidence of the growth of the industry over the past few years.

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The recyclability

recyclability of paper

When we discuss the paper vs plastic bags pros and cons, the first thing that comes under discussion is always the recyclability of the manufacturing material. Even though plastic is recyclable material still only 14 percent of the plastic is recycled. This rate of recyclability is from across the globe of all the plastic waste generated every year. On the other hand, the ratio of recycling of paper is around 65 percent across the globe each year. The high rate of recycling is the major factor behind the popularity and rapid growth of eco friendly retail packaging. 

Variety of materials

plastic vs paper bags

The next thing that makes the advantages of paper bags vs plastic bags clear to us is the variety of materials that are being used in the market for various types of products. These items include; paper, cardboard, and glass. The amazing fact about the variety of material is that the organic, recyclable, and decomposable plastic is also available in the market. Thanks to the advancement of science and technology that we are seeing this happening. But the fact that whenever it comes to the point of cardboard vs plastic, retailers, as well as end-users of the products, prefer cardboard over any type of plastic, be it organic or non-organic. The variety of manufacturing materials against plastic has played a significant role in the growth of the market. 

The reusability

re-usability of eco friendly packaging

The reusability of eco friendly packaging is another major advantage that it has over plastic. You might be wondering that plastic is also reusable in several ways, but it still cannot reach the number of ways cardboard, paper, or kraft can be reused. If the former can be reused in 10 ways, the latter can be reused in 100 ways or more. This vivid and vast difference in the reusability of the organic packaging solutions has helped the industry grow aggressively over the past few years. Even the end-users are more interested in learning new ways to reuse these packages. They love to make new, innovative, purpose-oriented, and economical items at home with the help of reusable cartons. 

Trusted by industries

organic material packaging

Food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, personal care, and garments industries are considered the major consumers of the sustainable packaging materials in the world. There are other business sectors as well that use it on a larger scale, but their consumption is way behind than these sectors. If you pay close attention to the list of these business sectors, you will get to know that all of the sectors are directly or partially related to eating or touching of the end-users. That is why consumers prefer the products are wrapped in organic, healthy, and safe for them as well as the natural environment packaging. Eventually, the product manufacturers and retailers have converted from the non-organic to the organic materials of packaging manufacturing. 

Final thoughts

eco friendly packaging trends

In 2019, the sustainable packaging industry in the United States of America had reported a net worth of around 240 billion US dollars. The growth of the industry over the other packaging manufacturing industries, especially the plastic industry, is being termed as an ethical, professional, and technological win. The industry is expected to grow by 310 billion US dollars by the year 2025. 
Eco friendly packaging has become the most extensively used packaging solution in the world. The growth of this sector has left the plastic industry far behind.
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