Disclosed the price A Guide to Custom box costs.

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Well, we've got ourselves a guide to custom box costs. But before we dive into the basics of prices, let's figure out what kind of product you're selling.

Are you peddling some fancy-pants luxury item? Or it's cosmetics that make you look like a million bucks. Perhaps the electronics are so cool; they make you want to dance with the robot. Or you're in the medicine game, keeping people healthy and happy. How about exploring the categories of products better?

Types of Boxes Suitable for Different Categories

Luxury Products: Ooh la la! If you're selling luxury products, you need a box as posh as your goods. Think of it like a VIP lounge for your merchandise. You want your customers to feel like they're getting the royal treatment when they see that box.

Cosmetics: When it comes to cosmetics, presentation is everything. You need a box that's sleek and stylish, just like makeup. For cosmetics, you need something like the little black dress in packaging that never goes out of style.

Electronics: In case you are selling some high-tech gizmos and gadgets. It would be best to have a box to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. Think of it like a mini fortress for your electronics. You want your customers to feel like their new gadget is safe and secure from opening that box.

Medicine: Keeping people healthy and happy is no laughing matter, but we can still have a little fun with the box types. Regarding medication, you need a box that's as reliable as your product packaging. It's like the trusty sidekick to your life-saving medicine. You want your customers to feel they can always count on that box to keep their medicine safe and secure.

What if we tell you that it doesn't matter what kind of product you sell, you can rock with your packaging? And the packaging is all about boxes that can be of multiple types. But what kind of boxes are there? Are there types? Yes!

Fold and Assemble: These boxes are like the MacGyver of packaging - they can do almost anything.

Box with Hanging and Locking Tabs: This box is like a superhero in disguise. It looks like a regular old box, but with those hanging and locking tabs, it has some serious powers. It's like Batman with his utility belt. Hang it up, lock it down; this box can do everything.

Four Corner Cake Box: This box is like a party waiting to happen. It has four corners, just like a cake, and it's ready to celebrate. You can almost hear the confetti popping and the music blasting when you look at this box. It's like the life of the packaging party.

Half Circular Interlocking Box: If you thought boxes couldn't get any cooler, think again. This box is like a puzzle only the most innovative packaging engineers can solve. It's like a Rubik's Cube in box form. But once you figure it out, it's a satisfying moment, and your product is ready to go on its merry way. It's perfect for those odd-shaped items that need a little extra TLC.

Remember, when it comes to packaging, it's not just about keeping your products safe - it's about having fun while you do it.

Factors that affect the cost of custom boxes

Ah, custom boxes wholesale They're like the perfect pair of shoes. They come in well, all shapes and sizes, and they can make anything look fabulous. But just like shoes, these boxes can also be pretty tricky. Why do some of them cost more than others? Well, hold onto your hats, folks, because we're about to dive into the hilarious world of box economics.

From the size of the box to the color of the ink, we'll explore all the factors that can impact the cost of your custom packaging.

Box material

Box material! The very foundation of any good box! Choosing the suitable material for your custom box is like choosing the right outfit for a hot date. It must be durable, look good, and fit just right. But let's talk about the cost, shall we? The material you choose can significantly impact the final price tag for custom packaging.

Cardboard is the way to go if you want a cheap and cheerful option. It's lightweight, easy to print, and won't be heavy in your pocket. It's like the polyester of the boxing world - not the fanciest, but it gets the job done.

But if you're looking for something more upscale, consider corrugated cardboard. It's like the silk of the boxing world. It's more robust, more durable, and more resistant to moisture. And, of course, with great strength comes high cost.

And then there's the real fancy pants option. Paper boxes. These are luxurious, durable, and can be pricey. If you're shipping something special or want to feel like a pro, paper is the way to go.

The material you choose can impact the cost of your custom box. But remember, just like with fashion, it's not always about the price tag. It's about finding the material that suits your needs and makes you feel good.


Printing is simply exceptional because of so many reasons. Nowadays, everybody can promote their brand with the power of printing, which is the most beautiful thing about it. You can achieve a lot more if you hire a social media team to promote your products, but if you are smart, you can get the same results with Digital printing.

Not only is it cost-effective, but also very potent. However, different options will affect the cost. Printing has other options: offset, screen, or Digital printing.

Offset or screen printing can be expensive because of the material, but Digital printing is cost-effective, and that is all the more reason why you should go for it. Digital printing will get you the customers you have been eyeing quickly.

Printing material

First, let us ask you a question. Have you ever tried to print a picture on different types of paper? If you have, you know the kind of paper you choose can make a big difference in how the picture turns out. It's the same with custom packs.

The material you choose for printing can impact the cost of your boxes. There are different types of materials you can use for printing, such as cardboard, corrugated, or paperboard. Each material has unique properties that affect the printing process and the final cost of the boxes.

For example, cardboard is a popular material for boxes because it's sturdy and durable. However, it can be more expensive than other materials, especially if you want to print high-quality graphics or designs. On the other hand, paperboard is a cheaper option that still provides a decent printing surface. But it may not be as durable as cardboard.

Now let's talk about the actual printing process. When it comes to printing materials, the cost can vary depending on the quality of the ink and the printing technology used. For example, if you want to print high-quality images with vibrant colors, you may need to use higher-quality ink, which can be more expensive. Similarly, if you want to use advanced printing technology like digital printing, it can be more costly than traditional offset printing.

To sum it up, the material you choose for printing can significantly impact the cost of your boxes. Cardboard boxes is durable but expensive, while paperboard is cheaper but less sturdy. The type of ink and printing technology used can also affect the cost. Ultimately, it comes down to finding the right balance between quality and price for your needs.


Packaging is all about presentation; we can achieve this aim by embossing. This technique will help you beautifully present your boxes or packages so customers suddenly feel attracted. This attraction will make you the sales you so desperately decide. However, it is essential to stay moderate with this technique. Because the more fancy you go, the more price you have to pay.

Now, the cost of embossing on custom boxes can vary depending on a few factors, such as the box size, the complexity of the design, and the number of packages you want to emboss.

But generally speaking, embossing on boxes can cost anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per box. It may sound expensive, but it can make your packages stand out and look fabulous!

Debossing and Die cutting

Do you know how sometimes you get cool boxes with fancy designs? Sometimes, those designs are made by squishing the box to create a pattern or cutting it out to make a shape.

The squishing thing is called "debossing." It's like making a little imprint on the box. And the cutting thing is called "die cutting." They use a unique tool to cut the trunk into an excellent shape, like a star, heart, or unicorn!

The cost of these things can vary depending on how many boxes you want to do, how challenging the design is, and what materials you're using. But it can be more expensive than just having a plain old boring box.

Foiling, Laser dye making, and Block positive techniques

Foiling is when they put a unique shiny material on top of the box to make it look extra fancy. It's like putting glitter on a picture, but instead of glitter, it's a shiny material that comes in different colors like gold, silver, and rainbow.

Laser dye-making is a way to make a unique design on the box using lasers! They shoot a laser beam onto a unique material that reacts to the laser. And then, they put that material on the box to make the design. It's like drawing with a special laser pen.

Block positive is another way to make a design on a box. They use a particular block with a design, like a stamp. And then, they use that block to put the plan on the box. It's like playing with a big logo that makes an excellent picture!

The actual price can vary depending on what kind of design you want and how many boxes you want to make. But to give you an idea, it might be like buying three or four plain boxes for the price of one fancy box.

Quantity, Sizes, and Shapes

It is effortless to assume that quantity, sizes, and shapes affect the price of a custom box. However, the beautiful thing about bulk buying is that you will save more. Also, if you are into large sizes, you may have to pay extra cash. And when we talk about shapes, the more tricky a form, the more charges there will be.


Designing on a box isn't free. It costs money to use those fancy computer programs and pay the grown-ups who know how to use them. And the more complicated your box design is, the more time and money it takes to make it.

So, if you want a fancy box, you may have to save up, but it's worth it if you end up with an excellent package for all your products.

Other Factors that Affect the Cost

You are determining the cost of materials. Well, it's pretty straightforward. You must add up the cost of all the materials you'll use to make your product. The tricky part is figuring out how much of each material you'll need. You don't want to overestimate and end up with many materials. Or underestimate and run out mid-production. So, make sure you do your research and calculate everything carefully.

Structural and Art Work: When it comes to structural and artwork designs, you'll need to factor in the time and effort that goes into creating them. And if someone else is designing, you'll have to pay for the designer's services. But trust us, it's worth investing in a good design. After all, you want your product to stand out from the rest.

Weight of the Box: For calculating the box's importance, you'll need to know the dimensions and the materials. A simple formula can help you figure it out. Just remember the box's weight can affect the shipping cost, so keep that in mind.

Shipping: Regarding shipping, calculating the cost can depend on the shipping method, distance, and package weight. But with so many shipping companies, you can compare prices to find the best deal. And remember to factor in any additional fees like insurance or signature confirmation.

Logistics: Logistics can also impact the cost of shipping. The mode of transportation, distance, and handling fees can all add up. So, make sure you do your research and find the most cost-effective solution.

Remember, every business is different, so research and find the most cost-effective solutions for your needs.


And at the end of the day, your boxes need the right supplier because only a good supplier can tell you how to stand out with your products, research, and choose the best products to stand out on the shelf.

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