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When you are selecting themes and colors for the packaging, you will need color models. These color models play a significant role in giving a new outlook to your packaging. There are many types of these color models. The most prominent ones that are used commonly for packaging include CMYK and RGB. Designers are printing professionals rely on these two color models to provide their customers with the best aesthetics. It is important to choose the color scheme of your packaging carefully to make more sales. If you are still confused about choosing which color model, we have got you covered. Following article will explain the details about the two famous color models. 

What is RGB? 

This color space is available in three colors, including red, green, and blue. This color model is for perfect digital imaging on the boxes. If you want your design to be digitally supported with an exceptional presentation, you should use this color space. The mechanism of this color space is followed by a light device that creates colors you need for mixing. This process is known as additive mixing, and it includes the mixing of the colors on top of other colors. This mixing is important to enhance the display. The mixing of these three colors in pure intensity will create white color. Saturation, vibrancy, and shading are easily controlled by the designers.

Uses of RGB: 

If you are in favor of using digital schemes for the images on your packaging, you can use this scheme. It is perfect for increasing the worth of the custom packaging. If you are selling electronic gadgets and related products, you must use the images of the products. The digital image presentation on the packaging using this color scheme will increase the value of your products. You can easily print the logos, web icons, and graphics on the packaging. This will help in enhancing the branding of your boxes. It also helps in creating a top-notch background for the graphics. These background themes have a huge impact on the minds of the customers in triggering the buying decision.  

File formats for RGB: 

When you are explaining to your professional printing experts about the schemes, you can also send them files for this scheme. If you already have something for the color scheme in your mind, you can ask for it. Famous file formats for this color model include JPEGs, PSD, and PNGs. It offers some other formats as well, but they are compatible with different software. The color model illustrates they are also available for this model. Experts recommend using this color space when you have to remain digital. For packaging, mostly CMYK is preferred.

What IS CMYK? 

CMYK is the best color model available for your packaging solutions. It is a combination of four colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colors are the perfect solution for creating relevant color schemes for your products. This color model is used in the whole world because of its amazing results. You can use the mixing of colors to create your desired themes. The images are created by a printing machine using this color model by combing colors. Different physical inks are combined, and the initial brightness of the colors is reduced. A combination of all these colors will give you black color as a result.

Uses of CMYK: 

This color scheme is the best for enhancing the visibility of your boxes. You can easily use it for your food boxes, business card boxes, and another product packaging. For festivals such as Christmas and Halloween, you can use this color model to increase the value of your products. These colors will help in making your products look distinctive. People will be attracted to the unique presentation of the colors in the packaging, and your sales will improve. Brand awareness will also increase by using this scheme as people will be interested in knowing more about your brand.

File formats for CMYK: 

There are different formats for the CMYK color models. PDFs, AI, and EPS are available for this color model. You can also ask your printing expert about sending them the files in the formats they need. These formats can be shown before implementing them on the packaging. Hence you will get an idea about how this color model will look on your packaging. There is a multiple and wide spectrum of colors available in this model.

Is RGB better than CMYK? 

When it comes to the comparison between these two models, both have good and bad sides. For packaging, you need to use CMYK. It is also recommended by the experts to use this color model for your boxes. The reason for preferring CMYK for packaging is that it provides better light replicable shades. It also helps in making an alluring color scheme representation on the packaging. You can choose RGB if you want to get digital or stay mostly online. For packaging, you need to create a solid impression on the customers. This can be best achieved by using CMYK.  

CMYK and RGB are the most famous color spaces used for the packaging industries. RGB involves three-color while CMYK gives you the blends of color and additive mixing. To choose between these two, you can choose CMYK for packaging. You can select RGB for the online web display. For the physical display, you will need to use CMYK.

Color models are important for making your packaging look attractive. Learn more here to know about the difference between RGB and CMYK to know which one is better.

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