Difference between Custom Packaging VS Pre-made Packaging

By: Alex Jones Posted On: Aug-03-2022 
Custom Packaging VS Pre-made Packaging

In this modern era, trends are moving towards technology. On the other hand, in this battle of technology packaging not only maintains its position but also boomed to its peak because of advance technological research all around the world. Advanced machineries and printing equipment place a huge gap in old vs. new packaging solutions. In resultant, fresh food packaging, flexible packaging, plastic packaging and cardboard packaging attain high consumption in retail industry. High consumption is achievable through advancement of technology because this automates the printing process. Edible packaging, micro packaging, smart packaging, anti-microbial packaging, water soluble packaging, self cooling and heating packaging technologies are introduced by industry researchers in last few years, these give a totally new lifeline to packaging and just like a evolution in industry. As new methods found out inhabitants call for accuracy and personalization in boxes for their branding that only comes through customization of boxes rather than premade boxes. Custom packaging always is the better option with custom designs and custom sizes and fit options read through our article to know more about how it can be best for your products.

What is Pre-made packaging?

According to trend analysis, premade boxes are trendier in industry, available easily on internet in specific sizes and limited shapes. These are pre made boxes with fixed known dimensions and easy to select on B2B websites online.

What is Custom packaging? 

Boxes that are prepared by using customer approach are known custom boxes. These are available in any shape, design, color and size according to customer demand. It is better to say these are on demand packaging solutions. Designing boxes in improved manner made customer satisfied, user-friendly, eye-catching and unique because these are available in extensive dimensions, colors (CMYK), size and shapes.


Who required custom packaging and premade packaging?

Requirement of boxes depends on needs, little business especially; shipping business requires large size pre-made packaging solutions. On the other hand retailer focuses on customer satisfaction, so demand custom size boxes. Many small businesses in USA manufacture their own products like lipsticks or other cosmetic products, no doubt custom packaging solutions are best suit for them.



Pre-made boxes are usually less personalized in design, mainly these are produced in limited range of colors, sizes and shapes for general use, can be use anywhere they fit. Custom boxes are loved in personalized form, customers requires beautification through CMYK colors. Most of the time product knowledge is required on boxes that are actually in consequential of customization. Logo of company, precautions, product knowledge, serial bar code, expiry dates (in case of food and cosmetics packaging) and how to use them, are placed on them artistically.


Brand Popularity:

Premade boxes are manufactured in large quantity and less in personalization, there is no brand awareness and little popularity in premade boxes. When we are talking about custom boxes they are rich in branding and sometimes only used for banding purposes. They customized in a way that not only represent them in better way but also branding of originate company.



Pre-made boxes are ready made so one is unable to modify them. On the other hand custom boxes are already modified form of boxes. These are designed as per customer demanded sizes and shapes. Customer provided content is placed in specified positions of box. So these are better known as custom boxes.



Premade boxes are available in large variety of sizes and shapes and offer extensive range for customer selection, while custom boxes are designed according to customer favored dimensions only. Cost of boxes can be controlled through perfect dimensions of boxes. By saving $1 on a single box we can save $100k on 100,000 boxes by just reducing its size and making more fitted in box.



Premade boxes are directly useable and repetitive process is required to produce fixed size boxes whatever the customer needs are, on the other hand, customization requires a process that includes; first get exact measurements, design according to need, sampling, production and shipping. This sequential order is totally processed according to individual customer requirements.



Premade packaging boxes can be use anywhere as per need; one shape box can be used to use in multiple ways. Custom boxes are product specific and can be designed and use for only one specified product. Products are more safe and protected in them because of custom size. These boxes don’t require any other packaging and are ready to use.


Cost Analysis:

Production of premade boxes is in always bulk amount. These are produced in huge amount that reduce the cost of production but in case of custom boxes, these are more demanded by retailers and produced comparatively lower in quantity. Less quantity production significantly higher in production cost. The higher production cost is only due to its custom designing, more human resource expertise requirements and additional die cut cost.



Quality of premade boxes is same for all boxes but in case of custom boxes quality is mainly depends on customer requirements. These can also lift heavy load, recycle able and environment friendly.


Surety of colors and designs:

Premade boxes are available in same color and design but custom boxes are available in desired shape, color and design for sure. CMYK or digital printing whatever use in production is mainly customer requirement. In this we are able to assure customer about life and quality of boxes.


Product life and security:

Many times products become unfit in premade packaging that reduce the product life and cause brittleness. In customized packaging products have more life and secured. These are designed in a way to make product more and more fix in position and easy to handle. Required size makes it easier to carry things in them and make products safer from environment.


Graphics on box:

Premade boxes are not rich in graphics, no doubt rich graphics on custom boxes enhance the customer experience but also its cost. Graphics also use for brand awareness.

Premade boxes have limited choice in colors and designs, business man move towards customization due to these limitations; not very attractive, require further packaging, non branded and unsafe for products like cosmetics and jewelers.

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