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Customization of product boxes is necessary for excelling, and your brand can't become famous without customized boxes. We have described different methods that you can consider for customizing your pillow boxes. These tricks can help to set them prominent from others in the market. Moreover, they will fulfill your expectations according to your products.

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Don't you know the importance of product packaging? It is the primary element that can showcase the brand's personality and tell people what your brand is. Therefore, all brands go out of the box to ensure that their packaging is fantastic and according to recent trends. Pillow boxes are already unique, but you have to make them more decent by adding different features according to your needs. Hence, it would help if you learned ways to enhance their attractiveness and make them brilliant to entice new customers. Following are some brilliant ways to decorate these boxes according to your products and needs.

Design pillow boxes according to your product

Different brands need a product packaging boxes that can match their needs. We know that different products come in different sizes and shapes. Although, different brands are selling different products. Their sizes and shapes vary a lot. Therefore, when you want to get these boxes, don't forget to consider the size of your product. Make sure that the size of the box is according to your product. It will help to hold your products securely and minimize their mobility. Thus, the product will remain safe inside them. Moreover, you must choose high-tech materials that can help to protect your products from all kinds of damage.

Choose enticing surface finishing options

The visual appeal of your boxes is an important thing that you should consider. Following are different finishing options that you can use to give a luxurious touch to these boxes.


Many kinds of coatings are available, and you may choose any coating according to your choice. Matte coating is the best option for an earthy and more diffused outlook. Moreover, it can help to make the surface less reflective. You may also go for gloss coating to give a shiny and more reflective appearance.

  • Foiling

Foiling has become an impressive trick to give an enticing outlook to product boxes. Many brands have used it to give a metallic appearance. Silver, gold, or copper foiling can help to mesmerize people. Thus, metalized boxes can enhance their worth of these boxes. Hence, use foiling to make your large pillow boxes stand out from your competitors.

  • Embossing and foil stamping

If you want to imprint text or graphics on these boxes, you may go for embossing or foil stamping. Embossing is the best technique that you can use to raise text or images against the background. Thus, you can use it to imprint brand logos, images of your products, brand name, or other elements. Foil stamping can also be used for similar purposes. Embossed and foil stamped logo or text on your pillow boxes with handle will significantly impact people's minds.

Print alluring elements

Printing can also make a big difference, and you can use it for decorating these boxes. Following are some brilliant tricks to enhance the visual catchiness of your product packaging.

  • Drawings and patterns

You may print drawings when you have to enhance the visual attractiveness of pillow boxes on amazon. There are many types of drawings, such as line and floral drawings. These drawings can leave a lasting impact on people. Moreover, you may choose patterns to print on these boxes. Patterns are mathematical forms such as squares, rectangles, or other shapes printed in a particular pattern on these boxes. Thus, your boxes will look amazing when present in stores and entice many new customers.

  • Product-related graphics

Graphics have to demonstrate product-related graphics. For example, all kinds of kraft pillow boxes have to come with relevant graphics. These graphics can let people know what you have placed inside the boxes. Thus, you can attract target customers and increase your sales. When you want to impact your customers positively, you must choose creative graphics. They must be different from others so that you can leave a significant impact on people. Besides that, you must ensure that all graphics are in HD, and they should look clear. They will make a great impression on your company.

  • Stylish typography

You can see that all kinds of product boxes have to come with product-related text. There is also information about the brand. When you type these details, you must take advantage of modern and stylish fonts. There are plenty of font styles, and you may consider any one of them to type essential details on your pillow boxes with windows. They will enhance the visual appeal of your boxes and set them apart from your competitors. Be sure the font style is easily readable. You must select font color and font size carefully. Thus, stylish typography can also help make a great impression on people's minds.

Event-themed or holiday-themed pillow boxes

You can make your product boxes gift-worthy by making their connection with the specific event or holiday. For instance, you may get holiday-themed boxes. They may be Christmas-themed, Easter-themed, or New Year-themed. Do you know how you can demonstrate these themes by using your boxes? It would help if you got red, green, and white boxes for the Christmas theme. Also, print them with candy canes, Christmas trees, and others. You can get boxes in relevant colors that can make a connection with the holiday or event. Thus, your boxes will become the best option for presenting gifts on these occasions.

Add custom inserts and placeholders

Presentation of your products matters a lot. If it goes well, everything will be fine. Therefore, you should make arrangements to improve product presentation. Engaging in product presentations will help to leave a significant impact on people's minds. It will make them feel special and win their hearts. For this purpose, you must add custom inserts and placeholders. Make sure that their shape and size are according to the shape and size of your product that you have to place inside them. Thus, they will help improve the presentation of your products and win people's hearts.

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