Custom Cardboard Boxes: The Best Way to Protect Your Products During Shipping?

By: Posted On: Aug-17-2023 
custom cardboard boxes

In recent times, we send one message instantly over the internet. Similarly, people buy their products immediately and pay their charges through online ways. E-commerce businesses and online shopping increases day by day and popular. According to the study of FedEX, holiday shipping is predictable to enhance 12 % growth over last year, and approximately 260 million packaging from online purchasing. 

However, no one gets the yet package instantly as they order on the computer, it still takes time of 5 to 6 business days. Due to this, it requires wrapping in secure packaging boxes, to ship to the customer's doorstep pleasantly. In this regard, brands use quality custom cardboard boxes to wrap their products safely. 

However, packaging brands offer different materials like cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and bux board, so you can choose the best options that are eco-friendly as well. But here we talk about cardboard boxes for shipping your fragile items. 

Why Secure Shipping Packaging is Imperative? 

Imagine you order an amazing product and when you unbox your packaging box the inside product is damaged. How you feel and you may write negative thoughts and complaints in the product review that actually affect the popularity of the brand. 

On the other hand, if you unbox your packaging and find your product in luxury packaging boxes. You will remember this stunning unboxing experience and your product safely in your hands. So, you make a positive opinion about the brand and share a positive image of the brand with more individuals. 

Similarly, if you want to build a positive relaxation ship with your customers by using the custom box design of your shipping boxes. Plus, you can print any content on the box to make them branded and engaging. Add to this; additional security material also increases the protection level of your customers. Let's see the factors that make cardboard boxes for shipping perfect. 

Factors That Make Custom Cardboard Boxes Perfect


Now it's time to see the factors and reasons that make them Custom cardboard boxes appropriate for your product shipping. Plus, how many boxes are beneficial to improve your brand ranking and reputation? 

Protect against Damage During Transport 

Cardboard material considers the king of all cardstocks. There have many options that make them durable and perfect for your target customers. The cardboard is lightweight, tear-resistance, and easy to fold in any shape as per your demand. 

Also, you can increase the thickness of custom-printed box material as per your product requirements. Due to this; you may choose 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, and 22pt for your packaging boxes according to the product demand. By using quality materials brands increase the life of their products and save them from damage during turnspit. 

Custom Cardboard Boxes Avoid Wasteful Packaging 

Prevent your packaging material and assets by choosing the perfect size of shipping boxes for your items. Brands use the same size of cardboard boxes to ship any size of the product. Consequently, the box becomes noisy reducing the value of your products and the extra space of the packaging box has thereat of collapsing causing the breakdown of your precious products. 

So, pick any custom-size of a cardboard box to safely and cost-effectively ship your items to your customer’s doorstep. Add to this; small shipping boxes look cute and handy for a flawless shipping process. 

Different Shapes of Shipping Boxes 

The trend of using simple cuboid boxes to ship your items is getting old. And, businesses pick unique customer shapes to give a unique look to their products. For this purpose, brands use mailer shapes, boxes, sleeve boxes, butterfly lock boxes, top flower closure boxes, and bookend boxes. 

Add to this, you need to keep in mind that the cardboard shipping box style must operational and easy to unbox for your customers. No one love to use tricky boxes style to pack their products because it creates a mess.


A mailer cardboard box is one of the best shipping boxes for your fragile items. The strong interlocking and double wall system help you to hold your products safely. Moreover, double wall space offers enough space for the flaps to easily interlock in the box for customers’ ease. 

Additional Security Material Protect Your Products 

Some products are more fragile and you can’t place them in your shipping box directly. In product shipping, no one knows the circumstances of the shipping process and ways due to this; your product firmly fixes on the particular space for safe shipment. 

Therefore, packaging suppliers offer custom-printed boxes and packaging supplies for their customers. So, buy them as per the product size and volume to pack them in catchy and stunning packaging boxes. for this purpose, you can use the listed items as additional security material for your fragile items. 

  • Bubble sheet 

  • Cardboard props

  • Dividers and fences 

  • Punch partitions 

  • Custom trays 

  • Additional sleeves 

  • Styrofoam trays 

  • Paper fillings 

All mentioned things can easily use to pack your tiny products and ornaments. For example, you sell cosmetic products and you want to pack an eyeshadow plate that is quite delicate for shipment. So, you may use foam sheets, bubble wrapping, magnetic lids, and sleeve packaging for them. 

Label The Shipping Box as it Holds Fragile Items 

The label also provides information regarding your product to your customer. So, if your cardboard box has fragile items inside must adhesive the label which conveys a brand message to your warehouse workers and end-users and they deal with them carefully.

 Plus, you can use brand and product name logos around your shipping box for branding and marketing purposes. Some brand prints their taglines along with the logo and brand name as Nestle does on its corrugated made boxes. 

Ending up Thoughts 

The above write-up explains why memorable shipping and unboxing are imperative. Also, it explains the reason why custom cardboard boxes are the best way to safely ship fragile items from one place to another. They protect your product from transportation, additional material is safe for your product, labels provide awareness about the product, and unique styles of shipping boxes make them adorable with durability. 

Custom Cardboard Boxes: The Best Way to Protect Your Products During Shipping

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