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By: theresa burns Posted On: Aug-17-2023 

Custom boxes & custom-printed boxes have become trendy choices for companies looking to raise their branding efforts. You can customize them with a variety of exclusive colors, designs, and logos to build a strong visual identity for your business. Further, you can avail of them for a range of purposes. These range from packaging and delivering goods to serving as promotional gadgets at events or trade shows.

Above all, by creating a unique design that portrays your brand, you can make a superb first impression and fortify brand recognition. You can opt for these packages to highlight vital product features. They can offer extra details to your potential audience. Another amazing benefit of these boxes is their versatility. You can make them in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials to meet your certain needs. 

Custom Box Packaging with Logo at Wholesale Prices

Custom packaging with a logo at wholesale prices is a cheap way to upscale your brand and promote its items. You can design it with your company logo and other branding features to cast a lasting impression on your buyers. When people see your branded packaging, they are more likely to think of your company and link it with positive experiences. This factor can lead to boosted word-of-mouth referrals and buyer retention. 

Cost-Effective Pricing

Custom boxes & custom-printed boxes are economical pricing options for brands for several reasons.  You can attain a lower price per unit if you get them in bulk. Another way they can save you a notable amount of money is via the potential to customize them to fit your certain product needs. By selecting the suitable shape, material, and size for your items, you can lower the amount of wasted storage space and thus cost. This element can minimize overall packaging expenses. Further, you can tailor them to fit your products, lowering the need for extra protective materials. This factor validates that your items arrive safely. Thus, it lessens the odds of damage claims and returns, which is costly for sellers.

Bulk Order Choices Available

There are different bulk order options you can opt for custom packaging: 

  • The minimum number of packages that you need to order to qualify for wholesale pricing depends upon the supplier and the type of box. In general, it is around 500-1000 boxes.
  • You can select from a range of customization choices for your bulk packaging. They include the shape, color, material selected and printing option. The more options you opt for, the higher the cost.
  • If you order these boxes in bulk, you get several printing choices available. These range from offset printing to digital printing, and flexographic printing. 
  • As per the supplier, you may get several shipping options. These can be expedited, ground, or international shipping. The expenses of shipping depend on the volume and quantity of your order, as well as the delivery method you choose.
    Professional Look and Feel

Custom packages are a superb way to portray your brand and build a lasting unboxing experience for your audience. By adding your logo or social media handles to your box, you can build a professional image for your brand. Further, you can customize them as per the exclusive needs of your goods to portray consistency. 

High-Quality Printing

The quality of the printing of boxes depends on the printing method that the supplier opts for. It also bases on the design files that you provide. Most suppliers use modern printing tools and methods to create vibrant and sharp text, graphics, and other design elements on the boxes. Further, to ensure superior printing, it is critical to give your supplier high-resolution design files that are upgraded for the printing method used. This factor will help to certify that your logo and other branding features are clear and accurate. 

Overall, the quality printing of these packages fortifies your brand's visibility and appeal to your potential audience. All you need is to work with a credible supplier. The one who uses the latest printing methods and can provide you with the level of quality that you aim for your packaging.

How to Order Customized Boxes?

Before placing an order for custom boxes & custom printed boxes, you must have a clear idea of what type of package you desire and how you want it to look. Be sure to offer your supplier as much detail as possible about your packaging demands. Overall, ordering these packages involves working with a supplier who can craft quality boxes that reflect your brand and uplift your products' appeal.

Select Your Box Type and Size

Selecting the right box type and size is crucial when ordering boxes. This step validates that your products are protected during storage or transit. If you do not for the right type or size of box, it can result in impaired items and increased costs. On the other hand, the right box improves the shipping process. It grants for more efficient use of space and lowers the odds of overpacking. 

Choose Your Material and Printing Options

Selecting suitable material and printing options for your boxes is vital for many reasons. At first, the material you opt for will impact the durability of your boxes. For instance, if you are sending delicate or heavy items, you ought to choose a robust material. If you are looking for a green option, you may consider materials like recycled cardboard. Besides, the printing methods you choose can magnify your customer experience. While choosing the material and printing options, consider the certain needs of your company and your target audience. Factors to consider may include durability, green practices, budget, branding, and buyer demands.

Review and Approve Your Design

Reviewing and approving your design is a crucial step when ordering boxes. It validates that your packages are designed as per your exact demands. Further, it allows you to certify that all the details are accurate. These include artwork, text, box dimensions, and other design elements. This thing can aid to avoid errors that can lead to expensive and overdue reprints. Finalizing your box design bestows you peace of mind that your boxes will meet your buyers’ demands. It also reassures that order is produced on time. 

Place Your Order

In general, the process of placing an order involves working with a supplier who specializes in producing product packaging. You will have to give the descriptions for the boxes you require. Also, determine your delivery time and date. Keep in mind that the process of personalization may take longer than opting for readymade boxes. However, the process for placing an order may also vary the basis on the supplier you are working with. 

 Different Types of Unique Custom Printed Boxes

Yes, there are different types of custom boxes & custom-printed boxes available, each with its benefits. Some common types are listed below:

Retail Packaging Boxes

These boxes are a type of packaging that showcases and shield products that are sold in a retail environment. These contain sturdy materials such as corrugated and Kraft paper. You can also customize them with diverse design options to make them tempting and informative to the customer. They may feature elite graphics, bold colors and themes, and exclusive design elements to make them stand out on store shelves. Further, you can avail for them to offer vital details about the items being sold. These can be ingredients, safety warnings, or usage instructions.

Shipping and Mailer Boxes

Shipping and mailer boxes are used for shipping goods. They are durable and safeguard the contents during transit. Further, you can use them to send larger or bulkier items. These can be furniture, tools, and appliances. You can also customize with features such as double-walled sides, reinforced corners, and padding to ensure the secure arrival of the goodies. You can print them with branding and messages to create a professional presentation for your business's items. 

Food and Beverage Packaging

Such packaging refers to the packaging used for shielding, storing, and marketing food and beverage items. It plays a pivotal role in retaining the quality, freshness, and safety of edibles. These boxes meet strict hygiene standards to avert any bacteria. They secure food products from external factors. These are moisture, light, and air. All of these elements can cause the spoilage of products. Further, they are easy to use for both retailers and consumers. They are easy to handle, dispose of, and open. With raising concerns over the impact of food packaging on the ecosystem, green packaging is becoming trendy. It lessens waste, lowers packaging impact, and upgrades the sustainability of edibles.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Such packaging refers to materials that have a minimal impact on the planet. It contains renewable and recyclable materials. Brands and people are becoming more aware of the impact of packaging waste on nature. Thus, the use of this packaging is the need of the hour. Its value lies in its ability to conserve resources and minimize waste. This is why, a plethora of consumers are more likely to support companies that follow green practices. Using such packaging can fortify your business’ positive image and attract buyers.

Promotional Packaging

It is a type of packaging that promotes your business and its goods. You can avail of it for product launches, special events, or as part of a marketing campaign. The prime goal of this packaging is to hook the attention of buyers. It builds a lasting experience that aids to reinforce the company or product message. Promotional packaging can take many different forms, including custom boxes, bags, or pouches. Some examples of promotional packaging include limited edition packaging and gift and subscription box packaging. 

 How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?

The cost of these packages can vary as per a plethora of factors. These include the box size, printing method, quantity, material, and complexity of the design. In general, the larger the packaging, the more costly it will be. Also, the more complex the design, the more expensive it will be. Further, it is ideal to get a quote from a supplier to find out the exact cost of custom boxes & custom-printed boxes.

Quantity Ordered

The number of boxes you order plays a notable part in their cost. In general, the more the quantity ordered, the lower the charges per unit. This is because the setup expenses for printing the packages are spread out over a larger number of boxes, resulting in a minimum cost per box. For instance, if the setup cost for printing 100 packages is $200, the charges per box would be $2. On contrary, if the setup expense for printing 1000 boxes is $200, the cost per box would be $0.20.

Shipping Costs

The shipping costs of these packages depend on several factors. These include the weight and size of the boxes, the shipping method you choose, and the distance they need to be shipped. The size and weight of the packaging will have the most notable impact on the shipping cost. Larger and bulkier boxes cost more to ship than lighter and smaller ones. Further, transiting to a nearby place will be less expensive than delivering to a more distant location. Standard shipping is the least expensive option, while expedited shipping methods will cost more. 

Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions can play a major role in lowering the cost of boxes. Many suppliers provide discounts for diverse reasons. Bulk orders are one of the most common motives for discounts on packaging. The more boxes you order, the greater the discount you can obtain. Further, repeat orders can also qualify for a cost reduction. For instance, a supplier may give a discount to clients who reorder within a certain timeframe. Seasonal sale is another factor in lowering the cost of boxes. A manufacturer may offer a special discount during the holiday season.

 Top Five Brands for Custom Boxes

There are diverse top brands in the custom packaging sector that are famous for their quality and inventive packaging solutions. 

The Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes is famous for packaging because it specializes in offering brands tailored packaging solutions that fulfill their certain needs. By working with this company, companies can advantage of their expertise in packaging printing and design, to create packaging that is both tempting and functional. One of the primal benefits of working with this company is its ability to bestow a wide range of customization choices. They let clients see and test their packages before placing a full order.

Go Custom Boxes

Considering the positive customer feedback, many reasons make Go Custom Boxes a top brand in the packaging industry. It uses superior materials and the latest printing tools to ensure that its packages are durable. This factor validates that brands can present their goods in the best possible way. Above all, the company is known for its responsive customer service team. It works closely with its clients to reassure that its packaging is produced on time and within budget. 

My Box Packaging

My Box Packaging is an expert in giving custom solutions for packaging. It offers an immense range of choices for sellers to choose from. Above all, the company grants competitive pricing for its boxes. This factor aids brands to stay within their budget while still getting quality boxes. Further, it offers green packaging options. This thing permits businesses to lower their environmental impact while still crafting custom boxes that meet their needs.

Printing Circle

Several reasons make Printing Circle a top-notch brand in the packaging industry. Its main focus is innovation, quality, and customer service. It provides unique features and shapes that aid clients stand out in the marketplace. Further, its responsive chat and timely delivery are notable features. The company delivers elite packaging solutions and exceeds clients’ expectations.

My Box Printing

My Box Printing provides amazing customization services to fulfill the certain needs of its clients. It offers superb customer service by offering helpful advice, and quick responses. It also addresses all issues or concerns of buyers that may arise. Besides, the company grants a wide range of customizable packaging options to meet the exclusive needs of its clients. These solutions include finishing, custom printing, and other design factors that help companies stand out in the crowded marketplace.

 What is Included in a Standard Custom Printed Box?

A standard custom-printed box is pre-designed to fulfill the basic needs of packaging diverse types of products. You can use it for a variety of motives, such as shipping, storage, retail packaging, and more. Here we are going to discuss some factors in detail that must be included in these boxes.

Box Material

The box material is a pivotal factor in a standard custom-printed box. It plays a key role in shielding the products of the box during transit and storage. It also impacts the overall charges and sustainability of the box. Common materials used for standard boxes include corrugated cardboard, Kraft paper, and white cardboard. All these are durable and bestow good protection for the products inside. Choose the quality and thickness of the material with utmost care. This factor impacts its durability and strength. 

Printing and Designs

The printing and design options included in a standard package can vary as per the needs of the buyers. They include:

  • Print your brand’s logo, slogan, or other branding essentials on the box to promote the company’s name.
  • Print the box in custom theme colors to align with the overall branding.
  • Attractive graphic designs can be added to make it more tempting.
  • You can also include text to provide crucial details about the goodies or company, such as ingredients, contact details, and instructions.
  • Finishing options such as gloss or matte coatings, embossing, debossing, or foiling can also be added to uplift the visual appeal of the packaging.

Optional Feature

There are plenty of optional features that you can add to a standard custom box to upscale its display and functionality. Some common features include:

  • You can ask for dividers and inserts for the box to keep the items secure in place and avert damage during shipping.
  • Clear die-cuts can also be added to portray the product and fortify its visual appeal.
  • Handles can make it easier to transport or carry the box.
  • Tear strips are a great option to make the package easier to open and access the items.
  • Further, security features such as holographic stickers and tamper-evident seals can be added to the box to boost its security.


There is a multitude of finishing options that you can add to a standard box. Some common finishing choices include:

  • A layer of matte lamination or gloss to the box to protect its surface from scuffs, moisture, and scratches.
  • Debossing or embossing can be used to create raised text or patterns on the box. 
  • Besides, foil stamping adds holographic or metallic accents to the packaging, creating a luxurious look.
  • Spot UV printing can add a glossy layer to specific areas of the package, creating depth and contrast.
  • You can also add a soft touch coating to create a velvety texture that feels deluxe to the touch.


To conclude custom boxes & custom-printed boxes offer a world of possibilities when it comes to elite packaging solutions. From shipping and retail boxes to food and beverage packaging and green options, there is a custom package for every need. Besides, the ability to amend the shape, material, size, and design of a box to snug a product not only shields the goodies during transport but also creates an exclusive unboxing experience for the customer. With so many choices, the only limit is your imagination. So why settle for boring and plain packaging when you can create a custom box that truly stands out? 

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