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Creative and Attractive Shaped Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are the most versatile packaging solution. In this competitive market, the customers are bombarded with an array of similar products, that buying decision has become difficult. Each brand struggles hard to make its products stand out the retail shelves. This is the only way to be in the race and ensure good sales. A unique packaging makes a great impact. It captures the customers' attention among various similar offerings. Gable boxes have become a preferred choice of entrepreneurs. Their unique and fascinating shape makes them perfect for packaging. Gable boxes distinctly display your products. The packaging is designed with a built-in handle on the top to make it easy to carry. For these reasons, they are frequently being used to package a variety of retail items. Different manufacturers are available in the market to provide you with wholesale gable boxes at cost-effective rates. They are made from high-quality material to provide maximum protection to the products.  Below are some of the creative and attractive shaped gable boxes designs to fascinate the customers:

Square Shaped Gable Boxes with Handle:

The shape of the packaging plays a significant role in reflecting the professionalism of your brand. With several different packaging styles, the one which is unique and practical to use grasp the attention of everyone. Gable boxes are the perfect packaging solution when it comes to packaging shape. They display your products exclusively and provide a positive customer experience. The custom gable boxes are designed in a square shape with a handle on the top. The use of a perfect color scheme can make them look more professional.
Square Shaped Gable Boxes with Handle

Gable Box with Inserts:

No matter how perfectly you have designed your cardboard gable boxes, working on its internal design is a great way to grasp the attention of a large audience. Create the boxes with inserts, dividers or inner sections. This makes your products more presentable especially in the case of several parts. Inserts are an effective way to protect your products. It keeps them at a place with little or no movement. As a result, the items are delivered safely even after traveling a large distance. Gable boxes with inserts are really useful in the case of food bakery items. They facilitate the customers to easily carry the products to the destination.
Gable Box with Inserts

Gable Boxes with Auto-Lock Mechanism:

The shape of the gable boxes makes them highly functional. They are protective like any regular cuboid packaging. The handle on the top makes them convenient to carry. Most of the manufacturers design cardboard gable boxes with an auto-lock mechanism. The design is incorporated as a part of the template. As the box gets assemble, the auto-locks are generated along with the handle to make your packaging securer. It is the reason that gable boxes are used to pack an array of items. Even if your product is fragile, it adds an advantage. The packaging is designed exactly according to the nature of the product to cater to your requirement.
Boxes with Auto-Lock

Artistically Shaped Gable Boxes for Kids:

It would be interesting to know that gable boxes can be artistically designed in almost any shape to fascinate the kids. Such type of packaging is suitable for kids' toys, stationery, and other accessories. The exterior of the custom gable boxes can be customized in the way you want. They may be given the shape of house, car, or any of the popular cartoon character. Gable box printing plays an important role in this regard. You can download any of the design and get it printed on the gable box template.
Gable Boxes for Kids

Gold or Silver Foiled Gable Boxes:

Gold or silver foiled gable boxes are an important addition in the family. They are creatively designed according to the latest printing technology. These wholesale gable boxes make your products unique. They are perfect enough to fascinate the customers. Customize them by the brand's logo, name, images, and other details. Either go for foil stamping or use a full gold/silver lamination sheet to make their exterior. Special finishing effects like glossy, and matte, etc are used to enhance their grace.
Gold or Silver Foiled Gable Boxes

Gable Box with Windows:

Gable box with window is a unique and attractive packaging solution. When customers can view the products from outside, it motivates them to go for a purchase. Various manufacturers and brand owners prefer to introduce transparency on gable packaging. Moreover, being playful with the shape of windows and die-cut patterns is an effective way to engage your customers.
Gable Box with Windows

Gable boxes have become a preferred choice of businesses worldwide. They can be designed in unique and attractive shapes to make them more appealing for the customers. 

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