Convenient and Stylish Counter Display Boxes for Your Retail Store

By: theresa burns Posted On: Apr-28-2023 

As a customer, when you enter a store or shopping mall, you often see colorful and attractive boxes that hold various products in an eye-catching manner. Such boxes are commonly available near checkout points or cash counters, and they promote the sale of new products that you may not notice the other way. These boxes are called counter display boxes, and brands utilize them as their powerful marketing tool. Such boxes have diverse customization options and give long-term business benefits. Let's evaluate various aspects of this amazing packaging solution in detail.

Benefits of Using Counter Display Boxes in Your Retail Store

Following are some of the key benefits of having Counter Display boxes for the presentation of your products:

  • Increased Sales

The key feature of these boxes is their ability to generate the sale of different products. Brands prefer them when promoting a new product, as these boxes motivate the viewers to consider buying the products kept inside them.

  • Brand Recognition

Not just higher sales volume, these boxes are a source of running a successful branding campaign. They highlight the identity of your products by putting the brand names, logo, or other branding essentials on the display panel. So, give these boxes a must-try for better brand recognition among your potential customers.

  • Improved Product Visibility

As there is huge competition in all industries among available alternative brands, you have to strive hard to increase the visibility of your products against competitors. You can achieve this thing by using them. As mentioned earlier, brands prefer to place them near cash counters or exit points where maximum visitors will pass by. The attractive design of boxes generates interest to observe the products closely and motivates people to try a new product.

  • Convenience

Such boxes provide ample space to keep any product of any size. Moreover, you can also place similar related products of your brand in one box. This convenience will generate more sales. Customers can go through your products within a few seconds, so they can make a purchase of their required item in a short time.

  • Cost-Effective

These boxes are a cost-effective packaging solution made with recyclable materials like Kraft and cardboard; you can use old boxes to manufacture new ones. Moreover, brands can use one box for presenting their different products like cosmetic brands can put their eye-related products like eyeliners, mascaras, and concealers in one box. This reduces the need for box manufacture and designing for individual products separately and saves you cost in the long run.

 Types of Counter Display Boxes Available in the Market

There are various types of these boxes that you can have for your products. Choose a type that best suits your products from the following options:

  • Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

These boxes are made of cardboard, so they are environment-friendly. Not just eco-friendliness, these boxes are sturdy enough to protect the inside products against bumps during transit. Moreover, cardboard is suitable for all printing methods, and you can have various finishing options with this material. So, customization is easily applicable with such boxes.

  • Acrylic Counter Display Boxes

Such boxes are highly in demand because of the clear view they provide viewers. The see-through walls of these packaging give insight into the products inside and motivate potential customers to buy a product. You can have them in various styles like rotating display boxes, locking acrylic display trays, etc.

  • Wire Counter Display Boxes

The wire display boxes also come in various styles 2 tier boxes, 3-tier, etc. They are light in weight, and you can carry them around and place them on store shelves easily.

  • Wooden Counter Display Boxes

These boxes are made with wood, meaning they are heavy in weight and best for placing heavy-weight products. You can have them in various styles and shapes, like 2-tier wooden boxes, boxes with sliding lids, etc.

  • Plastic Counter Display Boxes

These boxes are light in weight, and you can carry them around easily. Moreover, plastic is more durable than other types of material and protects against environmental factors like air and dust. 

  • Glass Counter Display Boxes

Like acrylic boxes, these boxes provide a see-through view from the walls. The viewers can evaluate the beauty of the products inside without opening the lid. Such packaging usually has aluminum frame edges to strengthen the glass base, side panel, and lid.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Counter Display Boxes

The following are the important features that one must consider before choosing a counter display package:

  • Material Selection

The first to consider is material selection. As they come in various materials like glass, wood, plastic, cardboard, etc., you need to select the one that best fulfills the packaging requirements of your products.

  • Appropriate Size Selection

After material selection, size matters a lot. So, one must take proper measurements to have an accurate size that can hold your products easily. 

  • Latest Trends

Select display boxes for your retail store that represent the latest design trends in the packaging industry design. People love to buy things from such brands that keep updating their packaging designs. 

  • Boxing Styles

As these boxes come in various styles like with lids or without lids, in tiers or levels, etc., you must go for styles that present your product as most attractive. For example, glass or acrylics display packaging with lids is best for keeping small-sized products like jewelry pieces.

  • Right Design Themes

Another important feature of these boxes is the right design themes. Choose such colors that give an idea about the inside products. For example, for herbal beauty products using green color schemes or images of natural ingredients is an effective design theme that tells the viewers about the nature of the inside beauty products.

Tips for Creating a Stylish and Eye-Catching Counter Packaging

Following are the practical tips to consider:

  • Make use of the latest themes for designing your boxes.
  • Provide seasonal offers like discount offers by printing them on the display panel of the boxes.
  • Use such box styles that give a 360-degree view to potential customers like glass or acrylic display packaging.
  • Educate yourself about the likes and dislikes of your target market, and then craft your design themes accordingly.
  • Various finishing options increase the aesthetics of your boxes. For example, texture surfaces, glossy or matte laminations, etc. Choose an option that best represents your overall brand strategy.
  • Advanced techniques like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, etc., of having logo imprints make a luxury appeal to the packaging. Consider them for your branding essentials.

Using Counter Display Boxes to Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience

As discussed earlier, these boxes are best in generating sales as they offer a user-friendly experience to the target customers. As a customer, you don’t have to look at various brands and shelves to get the desired products. A display box holds a variety of products, so you can pick one product you want to buy. That is why brands use them to introduce a new product in a market. They make their product prominent by placing them in these boxes on the shelves or cash counters. They create awareness about the brand and its offerings. 

Importance of Color Scheme 

Color schemes matter greatly in packaging solutions, especially when displaying your product for promotional purposes. Some colors look suitable for a specific product, while the same color theme may look absurd for other products. For example,   funky color themes are suitable for kids' items. On the other hand, sober design schemes with one or two colors are best for high-end luxury jewelry products. Luxury brands use plain white or light colors for their product packaging. Moreover, showing your business to take part in increasing the happiness of various events by using colorful themes is a great way. For example, for the New Year celebration, many brands launch new design themes for their packaging with vibrant colors that make their products a necessary part of the celebration.

Maintenance and Care 

These display boxes need proper care and maintenance from time to time. Otherwise, the dusty and old look of the boxes will not give the desired results in terms of high sales. So, you can keep them new with proper maintenance. For glass or acrylic boxes, use a glass cleaning liquid and cleanse it with a wet microfiber cloth. This way, the packaging remains smudge-free. On regular days, dusting with a dry and soft cloth is enough to maintain a visual appeal. 

Ensure there is no sharp object with rough edges near such cases; otherwise, these products will create permanent scratches on the glass or acrylic surface. Moreover, using a dry cloth is enough to remove the dust once a week for other types of material like cardboard, wood, or plastic. Applying wood oil in the case of wood cases is also a great way to keep them shiny as new. 

Cost-Effective Counter Display Boxes for Small Retailers

A big business can spend a lot of money to get the word out about its products. On the other hand, small businesses don't have many resources. So, small shops can take advantage of this inexpensive packaging that shows off the product in the best way. There's no need to make different boxes for each product. Your product can be put on store shelves with just one display box. Also, they are doing their part to promote a brand, so if a small store uses them for a marketing campaign, it can save money on advertising. Instead of spending money on different ways to promote, these boxes make people aware of your products along with discount offers.

The Final Thought

Counter display boxes are one of the impactful marketing tools that a business must use for promoting its products. They are not specific to any product, and you can use them for small-sized products to large or delicate luxury products. Such packaging highlights the products' origin and prominent features inside and assists in getting high sales volume. It is also suitable for various printing and finishing methods. With innovative and latest design themes, you can increase the visual appeal of such display packaging. Boost your sales volume and run a successful promotional campaign with the help of these alluring packaging boxes now.

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