Chinese takeout boxes would be the best choice of food suppliersPosted On: Jul-18-2019  By: Charlotte

Chinese takeout boxes would be the best choice of food suppliers

Food manufacturers and suppliers are one of the largest consumers of packaging solutions. The demand for a robust, reliable, and handy package never remains low; instead, it is increasing with every day passing. Different types of food have different types of packaging, but there are some packages that can be used for all types of food. The Chinese food boxes are one of those types of packaging that can contain multiple types of food items perfectly well. The concept of such containers is that they can only be used for Chinese cuisine is not based on truth. The fact is that they can be used for almost all types of food items, including soup and noodles as well. They are manufactured with highly durable cardboard stock that is well known for its strength and can be customized in so many ways according to the need of the food suppliers.
Following are a few reasons that advocate the argument of why such boxes are the best choice of food suppliers. The one thing that is common in all these containers is the handle that helps the food lovers to hold it quickly, and it can also be used to hang the container. 

Healthy packaging:

The packaging material that is used for the manufacturing of such containers is 100 percent green and eco-friendly. This organic material is perfectly safe for the packaging of food items as it is produced using international standards for food packaging as recommended by leading health organizations. In the recent past, the need for a safe packaging was emphasized that is not only safe for the food but also for the natural environment. The extensive campaign about secure packaging has made the food lovers aware of the hazards of non-organic packaging that is why they insist for using containers that do not affect the food item as well as help to reduce the environmental pollution. Whether for dine-in or take away, the Chinese food takeout boxes are an ideal solution for both.
healthy packaging for food

Customizable design:

Every food chain owner as well as supplier wants to make an impression of being unique not only for the taste of the food but for its packing as well. This goal can be achieved with the Chinese food to go boxes that come with a number of customisation options. Using these options, the brand owners can make the package more related to their brand. Some might think that all the packages look the same, but that is not the truth at all. All the packages have some unique properties that are a result of the overall thoughts of the food supplier about designing the box. The designing customization includes the size of the box as well as its shape. Usually, the top of the box has attached flaps to cover the food, but it can also be made detachable as required by some food items. The one thing that is common in all these containers is the handle that can be customized as it can be of a fancy ribbon or a microwave-friendly fiber.
Some food suppliers prefer steel handle for a stronger grip, but that has a drawback as it restricts the food to not to put in a microwave.
customized designs for Chinese takeout boxes

Get it printed to mark an impression:

Another thing that makes these Chinese takeout food boxes an ideal choice for the food suppliers, as well as manufacturers, is that they come in with a lot of printing options as well. What makes printing a must for the retailer is the fact that it is the only thing that can make the package look more striking, presentable, and exclusively related to the retailer. Many online food packaging manufacturing companies provide printing facility with a lot of customization options. 
Every brand has its own unique theme color, these can be customized with the theme color of the brand. The color combination can be picked up by the customers according to their own choice from the full range of combinations. One thing that the customers should be concerned about is the quality of the colors that are being used. Before confirming the order, they should verify what type and variety of colors are being used. 
printed Chinese take out boxes

More customization options:

Further customization options for such containers include the lamination and other types of finishing. Lamination makes the package stronger and safer from the scratches, shocks, and moisture. All these things can harm the food items, so in order to keep the product safe, in its original shape and preserve its natural taste, lamination is highly recommended. Not only that but also it can protect the printing and designing of the casing. Durable and high quality, transparent or colored, vinyl sheet is used for this purpose. 
Other types of finishing include foiling of gold, silver, and copper colors to make the Chinese food boxes look more attractive. A tasteful food product packed in a stylish and handy package is liked by the food lovers as they can easily handle the package as well as take it out anywhere with them without the feeling of being embarrassed by carrying an odd-looking container in their hands.  
more designs to Chinese food boxes

Chinese food boxes are the safest packaging for food items, not only for Chinese cuisine but for all types. They come with a lot of customization options.

Chinese food boxes


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