Changing packaging design affects product promotionPosted On: Apr-11-2018  By: Andrew

Chris Lyons is of the view that “The packages are trying to engage the consumer in such a way that they are inspired to buy the product.” says an expert. Packaging plays a vital role in promoting a brand’s repute because it directly affects the decision-making the process of the permanent customers. In past when packaging was just used for storing and transporting goods, it has now become an effectual marketing tool to grasp the attention of consumers. A product that is strikingly appealing because of its unique features always has different profit from the rest. Company’s name, logo, and tagline can be spelled out in an eminent way through packaging boxes. Packaging when done in a professional way leaves a worthwhile impression on the customers. It creates flair for a certain brand or product.

Changing and improving packaging designs can prove really beneficial in enhancing sales. According to the managing editor of packaging strategies, 46%companies changed their packaging designs in one year as a result of which they have enhanced their sales up to a marked level. At times, people just roam around in shopping malls not looking for a specific product, but when they come across something whose packaging is fabulous enough to attract them, they buy this certain commodity. This “impulsive buying decision” is strongly initiated by the eye-catching packaging. Product promotion and packaging are strongly associated with each other. Every company strives hard to design a unique packaging box when a certain campaign or product launch is at hand. For instance, when some new powdered milk is launched for kid’s toys, puzzles and cartoon characters are added to the boxes to endorse the product in an alluring way. Companies are aware of the fact that when kids are running in the malls they get inclined towards a product that has Walt Disney characters like frozen or the bolt on its packaging boxes. Changing the packaging boxes is associated with long-term decisions and profit of a company. Frequent changes in packaging may have negative effects on the potential buyers, however if modified at regular intervals packaging changes can be very productive for a certain brand. Packaging designs should be considered keeping in view all environmental factors. Since most of the boxes are not environmentally safe, it should be taken care of that changing the designs don’t affect the surrounding environment. Another concern while changing packaging is taken into account that is if the new packaging is more expensive than the previous one? Keeping in view the target market, new cost-effective packaging design can be launched which competently fulfills the requirements for a cohort of consumers.


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