Cardboard Boxes is one of the best option for Shipping your Product

By: charlotte Posted On: Apr-17-2023 
customized cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are important for almost all industries around the world. You can use them for various purposes like the packaging of products, shipping of products, or display of products. They are also used as the packaging of gifts and as storage boxes. These boxes are light in weight, affordable in price, and very strong in strength. They have a flexible and elastic nature that allows them to various shapes and sizes. Cardboard packaging comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can customize them as well. The manufacturing materials of these boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. It also accounts for their popularity as excellent packaging among people.

Types of cardboard boxes

Mainly there are three types of cardboard boxes that are commonly available everywhere. The number one type includes boxes made from corrugated fiberboard. These types of boxes are most important as shipping boxes. They have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and usually consist of three layers. Two outer layers are smooth, and the middle layer is wavy. This material is easy to drill and cut, so these boxes come in various shapes and sizes.

The second type is the paperboard. This is most important for making cereal boxes. This material is not as strong as corrugated fiberboard, but it is much more flexible and elastic than a fiberboard. It has only a single layer, which is why it is not so strong. This material is easy to bend and makes excellent box packaging for lighter products.

The third type of box is the mat box. The material used for them has only one smooth side. This material is also vital for making cardboard circuits and the back of photo frames.

Where are they used?

You can use these boxes everywhere. Markets, stores, and homes are using these boxes for different purposes. Many manufacturing companies make cardboard boxes for sale, as these boxes are always necessary. In addition, many other boxes are available such as shipping boxes, storage boxes, and packaging boxes for various products. Brands and companies use cardboard packaging to pack their products. These help to protect the products and, at the same time, act as an advertisement for the brand. They help build brand recognition among customers and help attract new customers.

Best for shipping

If you want to ship your products and think about where to buy cardboard boxes, you can choose any local wholesale suppliers. You can get shipping boxes in large quantities and at an affordable rate if you get them wholesale. If you like, you can customize shipping boxes as well? You can seek the help of any box manufacturing company and add your company name, logo, phone, and address details to your box. This will significantly help while transporting as shipping staff would be able to recognize your box and call you up in any case of a problem. This also helps in the case when small cardboard boxes get lost. Whoever finds the box can call you or send it back to your address. Customizing your shipping box reduces the chances of it being lost or damaged.

Customization of cardboard boxes

The following are customization options for these boxes that you can consider according to your needs.

  • Innovative shapes

You can understand that different types of products and other brands manufacture additional items. Therefore, they can’t use similar boxes for all kinds of products. Every brand needs different shapes of boxes for different types of products. Moreover, it has to choose innovative shapes so that its products can stand out from others. Therefore, customized cardboard boxes are the best for shipping because they come in various shapes. Their shapes may include reversing tuck style, pillow style, and others. Their sizes are according to the product to be packaged inside them. The right size of the box can help hold products securely and prevent them from going out of the box.

  • Custom inserts and placeholders

There are certain delicate products. They need extraordinary care to ship them. Their free movement can lead to their slipping out of the box, leading to their breakage. To avoid this, customized cardboard boxes wholesale come with custom inserts and placeholders. The shape and size of these add-ons are according to the product packaging you have to place inside them. Thus, they hold the products securely and prevent them from coming out of the box. As a result, they remain fixed in their positions and reach their destination safely. Hence, these add-ons have made these boxes the best choice for shipping your products.

  • Waterproof lamination and other coatings

You can also understand that water or moisture can cause various risks to the packaged products. Customized cardboard box packaging can be the best choice for your products because it can contain additional waterproof lamination. This lamination doesn’t allow water absorption and keeps it away from packaged products. Thus, your products will not be damaged due to water or moisture. They will remain safe during shipping and reach their destination in their original quality. Hence, if you want to keep your products safe from water or moisture, these boxes can be the best choice.

  • Relevant printed content

Companies have to announce instructions to stack and handle their boxes for specific products. However, careless handling of such products may lead to severe consequences. Therefore, they have to print important instructions for workers to handle the boxes carefully. Hence, customized cardboard boxes in the US come with relevant printed content to let people know how to handle the product and what is present inside the box.

When it comes to shipping products, cardboard boxes are always the best option. They are sturdy enough to hold bulky products and secure enough to handle fragile merchandizes. We have also seen different features that have made these boxes the best choice for shipping your delicate items to distant places.

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