A Candy Company Needs a Custom Box for Their Truffles

By: theresa burns Posted On: Apr-28-2023 

Truffles are a delicacy that people of every age group love. No matter what the occasion is, they are a must. This is why presenting these goodies in a suitable package is a must. Every candy company needs to be careful of the package they pick. Especially for truffles, it needs to be strong yet alluring. It needs to keep the delicacies secure from crushing. Otherwise, the candy company will only have angry customers and damaged products at their store. There are ways to truffle boxes for your delectable truffles more appealing. 

How can you Choose the Color Scheme for the Custom Truffle Boxes?

When it comes to truffle boxes for truffles, the color scheme is a huge deal. The containers need to be of the perfect color. Otherwise, it will not evoke feelings of excitement in the customers. So they will not buy the product. Picking the right hues depends upon a few factors. The most important two are the ones shared below. 

Target AudienceThe target audience of the delicacies is an important factor in picking the color. If the candy company is making sweets for children, then they need to pick vibrant hues. Neon colors and bright shades will allure their target audience to the products. On the other hand, if the brand is trying to target an adult audience, then going for pastels and soft tones is the best idea. The softness of pastels will give a calming effect to the product. So, when placed among boxes of darker colors, they will stand out. Therefore, it will grab the eye of the customers immediately. 

  • Type of Occasion 

The second factor which can help in picking the right color is the upcoming occasion. If Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, then the brand needs to go for bright pink and red colors. Similarly, the combination of green and red is ideal for Christmas. If Easter is closer, then they can pick light pink, lilac, white, gold, or any soft-toned colors. 

 How can you Maintain the Quality of your Customize Custom Truffle Box?

 Truffles are a very delicate item. As they are made mostly from chocolate, their design is quite fragile. This means that these goodies are prone to damage. Even the slightest weight can result in the entire box getting damaged. This especially happens when the brand uses low-quality materials in the construction of the packaging. The quality of the custom shipping boxes can be maintained by using high-quality materials. Using cardboard can deliver a sturdy container that will keep the truffles safe. Along with the material type, its thickness also helps in making it more durable. Picking cardboard of low thickness will not be as strong as one of the high thickness levels. 

How can you Customize your Custom Truffle Box?

 Every brand wonders truffle boxes are more appealing. One of the best things about custom shipping boxes is the ability to customize them. When the brand is in full control of every aspect of its package, it can come up with unique designs. There are many ways to customize the packages. However, some of the best ones are the following. 

  • Dimensions 

The first major way to customize the package is through tinkering with the dimensions. Instead of making a square box, the candy company can come up with a unique shape. They can make oval, round, or star-shaped packages. They can also make containers according to upcoming occasions. For instance, heart-shaped packages for Valentine’s Day and candy cane shaped for Christmas. 

  • Prints 

After the dimensions of the package come the print. Gone are the days when only the exterior of the boxes needed printing. These days brands are also focusing on the interior of their containers. Therefore, the candy company needs to focus on adding prints to the inside as well as the outside. They can add their logos and cartoon characters, too, especially if they are targeting children. 

  • Coatings 

Coatings are another great part of customization. They have the power to completely alter the look of a package. There are several types of coatings. The list includes Matte Lamination, Glossy Lamination, Spot UV, Flood UV, etc. Using any one of these or a combination of two can give an amazing look to an ordinary box. It can add allure to the container, which will help in attracting more customers. 

  • Window Cuts 

The last great way to customize the package is by adding window cuts to it. The brand can add a couple of small windows or a single larger one to the top lid. This will give a view of the truffles to the customers. This method always works in attracting more customers to the products. 

How can you Unwrap your Truffle Box?

 In the era of Instagram, unwrapping a container is a very important part. The customers need a unique unboxing experience each time. Therefore, the company needs to focus on offering great unwrapping to its customers. They can add stickers to the top of the package. A single flower can also be added under the sticker. Moreover, they can also tie a ribbon around the entire box and then make a bow. The addition of other accessories can also enhance the buyer’s unboxing experience. 

Making a High-Quality Sweet Impression on your Custom Truffles Boxes?

 At the end of the day, the goal of every brand is to impress its customers. They strive to create a design that catches everyone’s eye. There are a few factors that play a major role in making a high-quality sweet impression. One of those things is maintaining the overall quality of the packages. When the delicacies come inside a strong box, it will automatically impress the customers. Moreover, the print quality also needs to be top-notch. If the buyers see a truffle box that has runny ink over it, they will walk away from it. Instead of spending money on it, they will ignore the product. 

Moreover, the uniqueness of the package design also plays a role in impressing the buyers. A design that is highly unique and appealing will leave a lasting impression. So, the buyers will search for that brand every time they are in the market. The last way to leave a lasting impression is by making a sustainable design. These days consumers are looking for green packaging. Therefore, offering them delicious truffles inside eco-friendly containers will impress them thoroughly. 

How can you Customize the Inner Tray of the Custom Box?

The truffles that are placed haphazardly inside a container do not leave a good impression. It makes the buyers believe that their quality is not good. Customizing the inner tray is a good way to improve brand image. There are a few ways a brand can easily alter its trays. 

  • Through Printing

They can use the art of printing to add an appealing design to the trays. Adding colorful prints will add more beauty to the entire package. Moreover, along with design, they can add a meaningful message for their buyers. 

  • Adding Compartments 

Another way to customize the tray is by adding compartments to it. This is a great method that has aesthetic as well as practical benefits. It neatly sorts the delicacies. This brings a presentable look to the design. Moreover, it also ensures that no two candies bump into each other. So they can all remain in their sections securely. 

  • Use Luxury Fabrics 

Textiles such as silk and velvet are a great way to add luxuriousness to a package. They can be added to anything and take their beauty from zero to sky-high. The company can add these two fabrics to the base of the trays or as a cover on top of the trays. This will give a very luxurious and unique look to the custom shipping boxes. 

  • Unique Shapes 

Instead of making a tray with square boxes, the company can make sections of unique shapes. They can make circular and star-shaped trays. They can also make the shape of the tray according to the shape of the truffles. Altering the shape of the tray is a great way to customize it. 

 How can you Protect your Truffles Boxes During Shipping?

 All the beauty of the package and candies goes to waste when they get damaged during shipping. Therefore, the most important part of designing a box is making sure it keeps the delicacies safe. A simple way to do that is by using thick material. When the construction is durable, it will keep the container intact during shipping. Moreover, the brand can also use water-repelling treatment on their packages. This will make sure that even if the boxes have any encounter with moisture, it does not damage the candies. The addition of a layer of bubble wrap is another technique that can keep the truffles safe during delivery. The brands need to go the extra mile to make sure that their delicacies remain safe. 

Customize your Truffles Box for the Special Occasions

 As truffles are enjoyed by people of every age, they need to come in attractive packaging. A great way to boost the beauty of the container is by making it occasion-related. The company can make the package according to upcoming occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, etc. They can customize the shape as well as the print and colors according to the occasion. For Christmas, a box of candy cane shape with red and green strips is ideal. Similarly, the company can make a container of heart shape in red color for Valentine’s Day. 

Use Creative Ways to Market Your Truffle Boxes

 The best way to market a truffle package is by using its design. The company can make an aesthetically appealing design, so it will self-promote the product. Moreover, it will also market the entire brand to the customers. There are other creative ways too. One of them is by adding a catching slogan to the package. It will remain in the memory of the buyers. Adding unique phrases is another simple answer to the question of truffle boxes are more attractive. Furthermore, the brand can also offer its buyers the freedom to print a message. 

The Final Thoughts

Truffles are a great item that every individual loves. What people love more is when these delicacies arrive in unique packaging. There are many ways to enhance the appeal of the candies through their containers. If a candy company is wondering truffle boxes are more appealing, they can find the answer in this article. 

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