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Kraft boxes

Interesting facts about kraft boxes

Kraft boxes are made from a material that can handle different pressure put on them. It is possible to get these boxes with extra corrugated layers for products that require more sturdy packaging. Pine pulp is important when it comes to producing these boxes. The material is recyclable and affordable, as well. The boxes can handle adverse climatic impacts also.

The following are 7 amazing features explained in detail about custom kraft boxes.

1. Follows the “green” trend

Kraft material is popular because it is environmentally friendly. This feature is trending when it comes to packaging. The boxes do not cause much pollution to the Earth. The boxes are said to be recyclable. The material employed to make and process them is gotten from pinewood pulp. The material is said to be biodegradable. Many consumers know about the effects of careless packaging practices on the environment. Therefore, they are attracted to brands that are responsible and create boxes with sustainable material like kraft.

2. Resistance quality

A wonderful feature of the material is that it has wonderful resistance qualities. It is able to handle the pressure put on the packaging. It is important that packaging be able to do this if it is to remain strong.Boxes that break and affect the product give a bad image of it. As said above, it is possible to add corrugated layers to the packaging. This allows it to be good to ship products as it will make the box strong. The boxes can handle severe climatic conditions as well. It includes moisture, heat, shock. They can therefore keep the merchandise secure from these points. Therefore, the box and product within will remain safe while being transported, on a store shelf, etc.

3. Get custom made boxes

Custom kraft boxes can be gotten. These help the product stand out as its packaging will look unique. The material is flexible so that it can be made into a variety of shapes as well as sizes. According to what the product is, the best shape can be gotten. They can, for instance, be made oval, square, rectangular, etc. Size is important for packaging. The boxes should be the correct size so that movement is reduced and no extra material is wasted. Kraft material can be made into the right size box. Therefore, the boxes can be customized according to what consumers want. A unique shape can be selected as well, which will stand out. For instance, if a toy car is put in the box, the packaging can be shaped like a toy. It will attract kids.

4. Package many products

Kraft material is suitable to package a variety of products. It is possible to put food, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, soaps, etc., in them. The material will keep these items safe and also not produce any threat to them. Sensitive products like food have to have good material for their packaging. It should be safe from any chemicals which can go into the food. Kraft is good for food products like bakery goods. The manufacturer can be satisfied that the health of consumers will not be affected by the packaging. Jewelry can be stored safely in these also. When it comes to jewelry, manufacturers are wary of putting it in something that will not cause it to lose its color. Kraft works for this item as well.

5. Variety of printing options

The material chosen for packaging must be able to easily cater to different printing techniques. This is so that it can be created to look amazing and stand out in front of the competition. Kraft packaging allows various printing methods to be pursued on it. It gives better printing along with graphic results. It is possible to pursue embellishment with shading on it, the infographic method, etc. Therefore, the boxes are able to be employed for promoting the business and its products. You can include your brand logo on them. In this way, it is possible to know about the brand and its merchandise. The boxes can be used for publicizing purposes. These boxes are therefore used to showcase products, brands, etc. This is when they are designed in an eye-catching way.

6. Cost friendly

A wonderful feature of the packaging is that it is cheap to get. The material that they are made from is recyclable and widely available as well. You can get the packaging at wholesale prices. Money gets saved here. This cash can be used to improve other parts of the product. You will be giving customers something of a good quality which is not expensive.

7. Can be personalized

Kraft packaging is able to be personalized so that it stands out. As said above, the material is print-friendly. Amazing printed patterns can be used. It is possible to make them look attractive by using stickers, stamps, ribbons, etc. They possess wonderful graphic abilities as well, which support printing choices like lithographic, digital as well as screen printing. It is possible to even include information about the product. It helps customers choose whether they want to buy it. The above are some reasons why it is a good idea to choose a kraft box when wanting to package products. The business can benefit by creating a sturdy package that keeps their product safe. It gives a good impression of them, encouraging consumers to try out the product. The boxes can stand out and be created to look unique.

Kraft boxes are said to have changed the world due to their many uses. These have made life easy when it comes to packaging various products. A kraft box is a popular option nowadays. This is because it has some wonderful features helpful to the product, manufacturer, store owner, and even customer. The packaging can store many different products securely. It is versatile. The features are such that they draw consumers towards the merchandise, therefore increasing sales.

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