7 Incredible Features of Custom Kraft Boxes

By: Luke Crain Posted On: Nov-23-2022 
Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes are immensely popular and come with as many custom features, printing effects, and finishing options as you wish. These packages have really revolutionized the packaging realm and are excessively used across many retail industries. The raw material that gets used in their processing is Kraft which lends them excellent printability and protection abilities. They give you an upper hand in product presentation as you can avail many display styles, add-ons, and many other such exquisite choices. Apart from these potential edges, their biggest benefit comes in the form of brand marketing, where they let you reach 100% of your client base. There is no limit to the benefits they offer in the strategic growth of your retail business. Let us provide a cursory look at a few of the many implausible features of these packaging boxes.

Kraft boxes show CSR

CSR, or more precisely, corporate social responsibility, states the policies of a business to create a positive effect on the world. Today, the consumers are more into the businesses that show some kind of care towards the social issues. Currently, the ongoing debate is about the increasing packaging waste and pollution. People around the world expect retail brands to step up and do something to mitigate this worsening situation. By opting for regular packaging solutions, you cannot create a difference. You may face clients backlash, which is not good for your overall brand image. A Kraft box is a great prospect to highlight corporate social responsibility since it aligns well with all the sustainable practices. Unlike other boxes, it consumes lesser resources and is pretty easy to degrade, recycle, and reuse. All in all, it does nothing wrong for the environment.

Kraft boxes_ Absolute Protection

Among many concerns of a business, a top-of-the-list issue is product protection. During its shipping journey, it has to bear many difficulties like exposure to physical impacts. Custom Kraft boxes are just spot-on in offering all-inclusive protection. They possess a high-end strength that is hard to beat even with the higher and successive load applications. They do not experience any deformity and wear or tear whether the applied load is concentrated or distributive. Many options for strengthening their structure are also available that give you an upper hand in assuring complete product protection. Some of the options include the addition of extra cardboard layers, custom inserts, and protective handles. The barrier properties of Kraft are already high, but you can improve them further with fine applications of PP and PE films.

Customer convenience

On a broader note, customer convenience is a part of the overall experience that saves them from a real hassle. The potential clients are increasingly becoming aware of this concept and expect the brands to provide them assistance in every way possible. With simple and regular box solutions, you do not even stand a chance to make this happen. A Kraft paper box, however, is a fine investment to bring ease into the lives of potential clients. Having Kraft paper structure, it is convenient and easy to carry, even for long distances. The option of handles’ addition at the lid is also there to offer ease in transportation matters. Other than that, it can have a custom window cutout at any of its sides to assist in easy product identification.

Versatile packaging option

Kraft box is appropriate to package a variety of different retail products. It is possible to put food, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, soaps, etc., in them. This packaging solution gives you a whole range of options in terms of sizing, styling, and designing. It means that you can configure the box in any setting to match the specifications of any retail item. The finishing options are also there to assist you in matching the overall theme of your items. For instance, if you want to package some luxury items, you can achieve a premium look with gloss lamination, spot UV, and so on. The box can have a gift-like appearance as well, which is why it is quite popular among the brands selling retail gift products.

Communicate essential details

It is pertinent for brands to establish communication with their target client base to relay important product facts and details. Customers are in dire need of this data to comprehend whether the product they are looking at deserves a purchase or not. Kraft packages are brown in appearance, but they have an excellent texture that supports all the printing effects. You can leverage this feature to transmit all the information that customers want to know prior to a quick purchase. Many businesses are imprinting colors, graphics, and other visual elements to let the customers know about the particular features of items.

Budget-friendly for all

Perhaps, this is the most incredible feature of Kraft packages that lets the retail brands save a huge sum of money. The processing material is usually Kraft stock that is not just easy to get. But it is far way less costly than other options. Kraft is recyclable as well, which further opens up new realms of opportunities in terms of saving yourself the packaging costs. You need not spend extra on getting newer packaging designs since the packages are easy to recycle and repurpose. Another option of buy Kraft boxes wholesale is also available to keep your packaging costs in check.

Easy to personalize

Kraft packaging is easy to personalize, which makes it a stand-out option among all other packaging choices. As said above, the material is print-friendly. Amazing printed patterns can be used. It is possible to make them look attractive by using stickers, stamps, ribbons, etc. They possess wonderful graphic abilities as well, which support printing choices like lithographic, digital as well as screen printing. It is possible to even include information about the product. Apart from that, the option of adding sleeves, branded tissue papers, and custom inserts are also available to give the packaging a personal touch.

Presently, the Kraft boxes are the most mainstream packaging solutions that propose many potential edges to retail businesses. They are simply ideal for transportation, customer convenience, product display, and many other retail purposes. By far, they are the most customizable boxes that can be given a branded touch to enhance your popularity across the global market. Moreover, they never break your budget, even when you opt for artistic custom features, printing options, and add-ons.

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