Top Attractive Card... By: Charlotte Posted On: May-06-2019

Cardboard boxes are just perfect to package any product which comes to your imagination. A creative packaging design seals the deal. It goes far beyond advertisement and other promotional campaigns. The packaging which creates a great shelf impact stands out the crowd. 

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How to recycle Cere... By: Charlotte Posted On: May-03-2019

Cereal boxes can be recycled easily like newspaper, envelops and other paper products. They are converted into a new form of packaging after going through the recycling process. An easy way is to break down the cereal boxes before disposing of them in the recycling bin.

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How to get high-qua... By: Charlotte Posted On: May-02-2019

Whether you go for digital labels or any other option, there are various factors to consider: Quality of label, Turnaround time,The design of your labels, Label-to-label variation if required. Printing the labels with flexographic press includes initial setup charges and changeover costs
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What things you sho... By: Charlotte Posted On: May-01-2019

Hair extension boxes play an important role in making a selection. By looking at the box, the customer can judge the quality of the product inside. Moreover, creative hair packaging is the reflection of the brand. 

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How to make your ow... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-30-2019

soap brands available in the market, the one with an attractive presentation grasps the attention of customers. Custom soap boxes highlight your brand and make it recognizable for everyone. If you have stepped into a soap business and want to make custom sized soap boxes on your own.

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Protective and Beau... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-29-2019

window panes or die-cut on the bakery boxes provides a view of the tempting products inside. No one can stay away from purchasing them. You may work on different styles of windows and customize them in various sizes and shapes. Cookie boxes with window are trendy these days. 

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Where Cardboard Box... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-26-2019

There are so many products on the market these days and new products come out every day and to make your cardboard boxes packaging attractive is your job as a manufacturer. This is how your business will catch attention and grow exponentially.

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Top 9 Tips to get E... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-25-2019

The environmentalist is playing a key role by running campaigns to avoid the use of the plastic package. In a similar way, if you see or buy the product keep the note to use a paper bag and avoid plastic. Even now companies are using degradable plastic packaging stuff… Read More

Essential elements ... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-24-2019

Cereal boxes are designed in a way to provide excellent resistance against heat, sunlight, humidity, and contamination. They retain the taste of cereals and makes them last longer. The cereals are first enclosed in an airtight plastic or aluminum packaging.

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7 reasons why Learn... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-23-2019

Eco-friendly packaging is the most cost-effective way to do so. Although it requires a little upfront investment, by doing this you can save a lot of money afterward. Environmental friendly methods conserve natural resources.

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Benefits of Cardboa... By: Charlotte Posted On: Apr-22-2019

Cardboard boxes are firm in shape and highly adaptive to tear. If the product falls accidentally or due to mishandling, cardboard boxes prevent it from any damage. They have strong corners which can absorb any shock of high intensity. You might have seen custom cardboard boxes to be used… Read More

How important is Co... By: Charlotte Posted On: Sep-02-2019

The color of the bakery box should be selected with proper research. The use of customizing boxes for sending sweets and bakery items on the Eve of Eaters to your loved ones is such a great gesture. Easter Marketing campaign 2019 needs your brainstorming. You’ll be able to get creative… Read More